A more intelligent approach to online program development

For startups and businesses without a front end web developer, Sitka is the platform of choice for web engineering. Hundreds of clients have used Sitka to create solutions that are simple to maintain and scale.

Web scalability for startup engineers

The objective of Sitka is to help non-coders bring their ideas to life. Because most of our clients are, we chose a platform that would be simple for them to use once we handed over the reins. The Sitka is the obvious choice because it allows you to create pixel-perfect web engineering apps that are fully customizable.

The world is being eaten by software... but software development is broken

Although software drives today’s economy with remote web developers, the process of creating it is still trapped in the dark ages. Writing millions of lines of code to create goods is a time-consuming, expensive, unreliable, and inaccessible process for the majority of people. Those who have worked on software before know what to expect:

Hire time is 6-12 months.

With roughly 1 million open front end web developer positions in the United States alone, putting together a front end web developer team takes months of effort and a lot of money.

Overrun of 3x budget and timeline

Development projects are known for blowing through budgets and deadlines. The "rule of pi," as it's known among insiders, is to multiply the original estimate by 3.14...

The failure rate ranges from 50% to 80%.

Complexity, technological challenges, scope creep, and other project hazards affect even minor development endeavors. The majority of attempts to develop a viable product fail.

The Sitka is a visual programming tool

Sitka is the world’s top no-code platform, allowing non-programmers to create and grow unique applications in a fraction of the time.


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Development speed

Making your web app future-proof

The Sitka web engineering development process is accelerated by our patented Canvas building framework, which provides clients with stunning designs, maintainability, and flexibility.


Building framework for Sitka


Products built on Canvas


of page and block templates

The process that is client-centered and transparent

Our clients are at the heart of all we do. We created our own internal project portal, also on Sitka, to allow you to communicate with us at every stage of the launch process.


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Free training to assist web scalability for startup engineers in becoming the owner of your product

The Sitka No-Code Bootcamp is a free online curriculum that teaches the future generation of software developers how to create without having to write code.


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When you need us, we'll be there with top talent.

Even when a remote web developer works without coding, successful software requires great reasoning and product understanding. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.


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Launch rapidly, iterate frequently, and scale swiftly

Our method takes lean to the next level, allowing startups and businesses, and a remote web developer to quickly validate and learn from their customers.
Our web scalability for startup engineers will collaborate with you to learn about your business, product, vision, and industry. We begin building a roadmap to bring you where you want to go with the help of our product team.
We generate a complete scope doc with descriptions and wireframes before breaking ground on a project. This allows our staff to define success and you to understand exactly what you're getting. Taking the time to get fully aligned allows us to meet all build deadlines and ensure that you are satisfied with the final product.
Weekly development sprints are scheduled, each with a specific objective in mind. An entry level web developer may relax during a build week knowing that the team is hard at work building features according to the official scope doc. Your PM analyses progress in real-time and make comments after each milestone, so you can be sure everything is going according to plan.
Our 30-day review period is designed to provide an entry level web developer peace of mind while you launch your app. During this time, you can test every component of your app and report any bugs for us to fix before it goes live. When you're ready to go live, we'll deploy your app and transfer over complete IP ownership to you.
After the initial construction, no product is complete; your software must change in response to customer input. Your PM is available to assist you in determining future builds or establishing an ongoing support strategy to address your product roadmap throughout time. Because the path to success for a company is unpredictable, we give an entry level web developer complete choice over when and how you use your Airdev team to get there.

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