We never put performance pressure on our designs.

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Sitka possesses huge ears

Listening is the first step in our UX methodology.

Every idea, we believe, originates from a problem. If you have one, we’d love to help you realize it. We care about your story because “every great design starts with an even fantastic tale.” We can’t stop asking questions, no matter how much we listen. We require all of the details because, as stated in Business Discovery, “attention to detail is the difference between something decent and something amazing.”


Business Proposal, Requirement Analysis

We can't help but wonder why.

Understanding the problem and, more crucially, the users is the first step toward innovation. “Research is to see what no one else has seen and to consider what no one else has thought,” has been our guiding idea for User Research.


User Personas, User Journies & Information Architecture.

We link atoms with bits.

We bring your aim and vision to life on paper by connecting end users’ demands with your goal and vision. The storyboards and wireframes, which are the foundations of our UX & Interaction Design, are created using these connected dots. We apply digital awareness throughout the process, keeping your users in mind. “People ignore designs that overlook people,” we have a brain tattoo that continually reminds us.


Storyboards, Paper sketches, Wireframes & Interaction Documents.

We take scribbles and turn them into pixels.

After receiving your input on wireframes, we proceed to add colors and life to them. This UI & Visual Design stage considers color schemes, layout, graphics, typography, white space, and all other design components. “How do we make pixels prettier?” says the bottleneck. It’s “How can we use pixels to engage users more?” We’ve woven your tale thus far, and now it’s time to share it with the rest of the world! But wait, before we dive into development, we need to undertake Usability Testing – that is, we need to test the designs with your consumers since we want real people to be the judges!


UI Designs, Hi-Fidelity Click-Through Prototypes.

We add a personal touch.

The appealing designs are now available for development. Our development teams work in tandem with designers to bring their visions to life. Because we all know, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, Design is how it functions,” our QA teams verify that your UIs are “pixel-perfect” and functional.


Source Code, Deployed Apps, Test Plans & Test Reports.

The adventure starts here


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