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Using Artificial Intelligence to address sports and wellness challenges.

Pose estimation for real-time customized feedback

Do you want to use physical therapy to hasten your recovery? In a hospital environment, enable human pose estimation. Patients stay injury-free and receive individualized real-time feedback to optimize physical activity when you modernize your practice with AI. Through error detection algorithms, AI wellness solutions ensure better health results.

Do you want to improve your current fitness app? Add real-time pose monitoring and estimate to it. Allow your sports tracking technology to make exercises more motivating and individualized.
Do you want your athletic event to be safe? Consider developing violence detection systems using machine learning. By switching to a specialized surveillance system, you’ll be able to detect violent behavior, monitor crowds, and analyze data.

Personal Identification Using Computer Vision

Computer vision technologies can help you keep track of your employees at sporting events. It’s simple to observe real-time employee location at the event when you integrate face detection into your surveillance system. Face biometrics can be used to grant or deny full rights to training facilities and changing rooms. Protect the privacy of prominent athletes.

Sports tracking technology using Predictive Analytics

Do you want to be a member of a sports team that wins the competition? Make use of artificial intelligence to analyze sports performance. Predictive analytics systems provide information based on player activity and skill assessment. Predicting recuperation time is easier with artificial intelligence in sports industry, which analyses and measures individual skills. To improve results, use unique predictive analytics technologies to alter the training scheme.
Use data mining to forecast ticket sales for sporting events. Ticket pricing should be based on historical ticket purchases, season trends, and previous and current ticket prices. You can reduce empty seats and increase revenue by using artificial intelligence in sports industry ticket prediction.

Feedback Analytics using Natural Language Processing

In a single click, you may assess your sports team’s social media brand. To learn what your intended audience thinks about your brand, use NLP. Use these insights to create cutting-edge fan sports brand awareness and improve promotion by segmenting your supporters by age, gender, and hobbies.
With artificial intelligence in sports industry, you can see how your competitors are doing. To outsmart them, gather and evaluate sports fan opinions on social media.

What We Can Provide

Sports organizations and corporations will benefit from these services.

Consultancy on Demand

AI experts who have worked in the sports tracking technology and fitness business.


Development of AI Wellness and Sports Solutions

Allow our data scientists and engineers to create custom sport and fitness solutions that are tailored to your individual demands and offer your sports business an edge.


Quality Control

We prioritize quality. We ensure that your AI fitness solution is easy to use, intuitive, and performs as promised.

Do you require an artificial intelligence-based fitness solution?


With artificial intelligence in sports industry technology, you can stay ahead of the game.

Workout Apps Get a Boost

With AI-powered sports modeling software, you can win the hearts and minds of your consumers.

Technology-Assisted Rehabilitation

Artificial intelligence-assisted rehabilitation for accident prevention and recovery.

Analytics for Advanced Sports

Data analysis can help you improve your sporting performance.

Automation of Business Processes

Paper-based processes were streamlined, and corporate productivity increased.
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We’ve completed numerous sports projects and are eager to assist you with yours.

Extensive Experience

We have a staff of over 60 engineers with senior-level tech skills and dozens of sports and AI wellness projects under our belt. development of solutions


Patented Technologies

We use AI-driven convolutional neural networks at Sitka.


Transparent Communication

We're open, adaptable, and always keep our clients informed.

Want to know about the current state of AI in the healthcare industry, what trends exist, and how this technology combats the COVID-19?

Customer Success


Application of Pose Estimation in Fitness and Physical Therapy

Pose estimation and error detection improved by 64%
Sitka was tasked with improving posture estimate accuracy and implementing error-detection techniques by the client. We employed DL to achieve exact human pose estimation. We used data science approaches to implement error detection.
We were able to successfully integrate Al-driven algorithms into the client’s software as a result of this. This improved pose estimate accuracy and allowed for error detection.

Sports modeling software for Recognizing Activities The use of an accelerometer signal

Improved the accuracy of a model for activity identification by 48%.
The customer, a multinational IoT firm, wanted to incorporate a module into their sports modeling software that would forecast critical periods in sporting events.
Our team built human activity recognition models using sensor data. We created models capable of recognizing and classifying human activities in real-time.

Deep Neural Networks for Scaling Up a Fitness App

User participation grew by 91%.
A fitness technology startup is a client. They design workouts that don’t require any equipment.
Our customer needed a skilled NN developer, therefore they came to us. The purpose of the study was to create models for activity recognition and error detection. As a result, we developed a custom CNNS that can identify human activity and faults in real-time.

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