AI Development Services

The advantages of an app using AI development services aren’t limited to monetary worth; they’re also a brilliant method to deliver value to your customers, strengthen your business, and engage with them more efficiently. Sitka can assist you in developing a plan with our data science consultancy that is tailored to your objectives and clients.
Our services include all technology solutions like AI development services, Computer vision, NLP services, Data capture & OCR, Platform development, and UX Product design. Along with developing programs, we also offer data science consultancy so that our clients know what they are dealing with.

Mobile App platform Development with Artificial Intelligence


Engine of Prediction

Utilize artificial intelligence and the best outsourcing platforms to forecast and interpret consumer behavior, preferences, and purchasing intents. Improve your app’s ROI by recognizing user interactions, providing personalized recommendations, and anticipating their future moves.

Customized Engine

Empower your app with a tailored engine that filters out extraneous data and displays just the material that the user is interested in. By incorporating the best outsourcing platforms customization into your AI mobile app content, you will save yourself an untouchable position in the app world and generate a significant revenue stream.

Visual Search with AI

Make the switch from text to visual search if you want your app to scale. It’s quick, easy, and saves a lot of time. Visual searches in your mobile app are made easier using machine learning. Your clients’ queries are learned by ML technology and the PWA platform, which then offers them the most up-to-date search results that best meet their demands.
By incorporating AI visual search, you can concentrate on the user’s intent and encourage faster, more accurate search results.

AI Mobile App Development in Steps

The predictive analytics platform development of AI mobile software goes through several stages. Each of the online learning platforms examples is critical; a powerful solution cannot be constructed without all of them.
We are digital revolution leaders who create efficient and dynamic enterprise-grade solutions by seamlessly integrating advanced, vertical-leading AI development services. You own your data and are never bound with API-first suppliers, which reduces technical complexity and allows you to modernize and develop your solution mix over time.

Cost of building an app and its benefits

There is no clear answer to this issue since there are so many factors to take into account, but if you only need to get your application up and functioning, you can do so for under $75,000; however, this does not always imply profitability, hence you may need to opt for data science consultancy.
An average project at Sitka which includes solutions like UX product design, platform development, NLP services, etc, costs around $300,000. This investment enables us to thoroughly assess and build your concept in order to make sure that your software generates the ROI you desire.
To obtain the most value on your investment with our price benefits, we have a professional team of skilled product managers who concentrate on turnover.
Our app developers understand the value of a robust big data analytics system that allows you to examine precisely how users interact with your app. It enables your team to emerge victorious in the coming years, allowing you to continue to streamline and enhance your product.
Moreover, Sitka will assist you in determining the potential earnings of your application concept with big data analytics technology. We can then support you with launching your app and implementing post-launch revenue methods.
Our service pricing provides more features and functionality to our clients than the competitors. In comparison to other big data analytics companies in this industry or specialty, we have well-established brand recognition and deliver a “premium” service or product.

AI software development

We create personalized AI software development, data science, and Big data services customized to your specific company needs. We make you develop your company and experiment with less risk and more remarkable outcomes.


Machine learning consulting

The SITKA team of seasoned data scientists and machine learning engineers collaborates with clients to create cutting-edge solutions for organizations of all sizes. They have experience with unsupervised learning, supervised learning, and reinforcement learning.


Recommendation system

Companies can provide individualized offers and experiences to their customers through AI-based recommendation system algorithms. Customer engagement and lifetime value are influenced by quality recommendations.



Do you want to make a profitable mobile or web application? A three-day session with our specialists is the ideal way to get started.



Wireframes and prototypes are the most crucial and essential aspects of any product, according to the survey. As a product owner and as the finest wireframe prototype design firm, accurate and professional wireframes and prototypes can attract investors and provide you with more clarity and concept about how your project will look in reality.


User experience

Every idea, we believe, originates from a problem. If you have one, we’d love to help you realize it. We care about your story because “every great design starts with an even fantastic tale.” We can’t stop asking questions, no matter how much we listen. We require all of the details because, as stated in Business Discovery, “attention to detail is the difference between something decent and something amazing.”


Image recognition

We create sturdy custom solutions that meet your specific business requirements. With the help of established solutions, extract essential insights from your visual data.’


Pose estimation

From the ground up, development of efficient human posture estimation, tracking, activity recognition, and analysis solutions.


Visual Search

With the help of a custom-built visual search computer vision engine, you can create an engaging search experience. Visual search computer vision has the ability to significantly alter how people interact with businesses and services. SITKA envisions the future of visual search AI customer service and improved search capabilities.

Technologies we used

Node.js, MongoDB, Python, Java, React.js,, AWS, Twilio, Google Maps, FireBase, Swift, Kotlin, R Programming

Project results

Every day, the globe is at the pinnacle of great technological changes, and Pakistan should adapt to meet shifting global demands.


The ability to select appropriate properties from the comfort of one’s own home can drastically save search time, which is a valuable tool in today’s digital environment.


Connecting tourists with genuine artisans in a vacation spot.

In recent years, the tourist and travel business has had a difficult time. Since the tourism industry was halted due to the highly contagious Covid-19 epidemic, artists have faced a serious conflict.

Health care

Increasing the healthcare sector’s resilience in a smooth manner

Patients can also take advantage of specialist healthcare services, such as real-time, productive discussions with doctors. Apart from making appointments, the app includes a Get Shifa list for quick checkups, security with activation numbers, payments, and pertinent ratings and reviews.


Digitally altering the building industry innovators

No current network could connect consumers and construction employees under one dome, we realized. As a result, many applications for Android and iOS were created that took into account user preferences to recommend the best potential offer for the appropriate building assignment.

The Real Estate Industry is Being Digitally Transformed.

Recognizing the country’s technological challenges, Amigo Estate initiated a phased rollout of a digital platform for the real estate business.
Sitka experts launched a series of in-depth meetings with Amigo Estate executives, resulting in a well-thought-out operational plan for the region’s real estate market.

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