Technology for robust AI security Surveillance

With AI security solutions, you may automate routine security processes and improve your organization’s overall security.

Key Competencies

Automate mundane security operations and improve the overall security of your organization with AI technology.

Biometric Access Control using Face Recognition Security

Want to ditch the cards, keys, and pins in favor of technology-based access control? To maintain a seamless flow of people across your building, integrate unique face key solutions into your organization’s architecture. Face recognition security systems provide for accurate face detection and identification, allowing for instant employee identity verification. Touchless operation is possible thanks to mask detection, which decreases the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

Pose Estimation

Custom pose estimation solutions can help your face recognition video AI security surveillance center run more efficiently. Integrate it with your video management system to identify violent behavior, motion, and unusual activities in real-time. Any undesired events will trigger alarms and messages to your security team, allowing them to respond immediately.
You can ensure public safety and prevent crime and theft on your premises by using AI surveillance systems.

Our Solutions

Stop fraud and waste with AI security solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

Services for Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Tell us about your business problem, and we’ll come up with a personalized solution to help you grow.

Development of security and surveillance solutions

To construct a face recognition video surveillance system or impenetrable building access management software, tap into our AI security solutions knowledge.
Develop artificial intelligence products with us

Advantages that you will receive

Instead of solving security problems, use AI technologies to avoid them.

Easy Access Control

Enhanced security in the premises’ common and restricted sections. detection of fraud

Preventing Crime

Artificial intelligence surveillance systems will keep your office safe.

Tracking Clock-in/Clock-out

Work attendance is automatically and consistently recorded.

Avoiding Time Theft

Avoid buddy punching with an anti-spoofing algorithm.

Contactless Solution

Contactless Solution To combat the propagation of COVID-19, use zero-touch authentication.

Masked Face Recognization

Hands-free authentication with masked face detection for a secure and healthy environment.

Why did you choose Sitka?

We handle your business difficulties with cutting-edge AI solutions.

Team of Experts

A team of more than 80 professionals will take on your project and provide a solid security solution tailored to your company’s needs.

Data security

We do not retain any of your private data on our servers. It’s processed locally. five-star icon


First and foremost, dependable quality. We want to make custom software that helps our clients grow their businesses.
Do you want to create AI security monitoring solutions to identify violent behavior?

Success stories of our customers


Time Attendance Platform using Facial Recognition security system

COVID-19 incidences were decreased by 46% amongst workers. COVID-19 incidences were decreased by 46% amongst workers.
A medical center in the United States is the client. During the COVID 19, they required a contactless facial recognition security system cost to keep records of staff time. With a custom face detection video AI security surveillance system, Sitka assisted the customer.
Main advantages:

Surveillance System Face Detection SDK

Fraud and theft are down (-73 percent ). A jewel store is a client. They wanted a reputable face detection solution to establish safe AI security monitoring solutions.
In a conclusion, the Sitka team developed Al-based network security for easy worker access control and authentic recognition of art theft and smuggling.

A Commercial Store's facial recognition security system cost detection

60 percent reduction in shoplifting damages. A chain store is a customer. They needed a technological method to detect and prevent shoplifting in their chain store. They requested that the Sitka team create a face detection feature for their AI security monitoring solutions system.
The customer was able to determine frequent inappropriate activity, identify unwelcome people, and alert the security personnel if there was a connection thanks to the facial detection-powered video analytics system. Sitka provided the best facial recognition security system cost to the client which was very reasonable.

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