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Online ride-hailing platforms, or mobility-on-demand systems as discussed by Alonso-Mora et al. (2017), have become a feasible option to offer more timely and individualized transportation services.
These platforms are driven by businesses like DiDi (www.didiglobal.com), Uber, and Lyft. Urban populations now make up 59% (National Bureau of Statistics of China 2019) and 82% (University of Michigan Center for Sustainable Studies 2019) of the total population in China and the United States, respectively.
These populations are more likely to seek out alternative modes of transportation to car ownership. By connecting potential mobility requests to qualified drivers, these systems also enable idle vehicle vacancies to be more efficiently employed to satisfy the expanding need for on-demand transportation.





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The new ride-hailing business plan entails transforming traditional taxi booths into smartphone apps and dispatching software. It has the potential to transform operation strategy and cause significant shifts in the automobile sector.

Ride-hailing dispatch services are growing highly prominent and required as more individuals require easy transportation on demand. Travelers who use these services pay to go to places in the personal vehicles of other drivers, minimizing or even eradicating the requirement for their own vehicles.

A customer submits a ride request to a ride-hailing service, along with an origin and destination, which the system converts to GPS coordinates. The platform replies with a price estimate for the journey. The customer has the option of submitting the order or cancelling it.

Although this may appear to be comparable to ride-sharing, most individuals who use ride-hailing services are not doing so. The hired drivers do not travel the same route as their passengers, but rather take various paths to meet the wants of their customers. Drivers will occasionally pick up many passengers who are traveling on the same route.

Why should you use ride-hailing dispatch services?

When it comes to planning your next trip, below are a few reasons why you should choose ride-hailing over public transportation:

Improved visibility

Sitka’s on-demand ride-hailing dispatch app reduces the requirement for regular taxi services in which booking and dispatch are both done manually. The digital option allows your customers to reserve taxis at their convenience – via mobile app or website.
They may also conveniently monitor their rides and pickup times. Having a cab booking system allows you to reach a larger audience. And offer a stress-free vacation experience.

Instant location monitoring

Monitoring your assets can be difficult, but with the ride-hailing dispatch application, you can follow your assets like a master. You may use the software to track the activities of your cars and drivers.
Furthermore, the driver may be aware of the customer’s precise location and conversely. As a result, the ride-hailing dispatch software improves transparency for all stakeholders, which boosts reliability.

Metrics and analytics that are reliable

Never overlook anything has been the true aim of ride-hailing dispatch app integration, and it is on spot by not having missed anything – whether it is ride specifics, trip amount, or location monitoring – offering customer information or streamlined pathways to drivers – they are on point with a seamless integration supplying all the necessary info in just seconds, thus minimizing operations.

Feedback-based solution

Excellent feedback from customers is always necessary for business expansion. It aids in analyzing the loose pieces you need to tie up as a company owner in order to provide your consumers with a more peaceful trip experience. The feedback mechanism also assists in analyzing the effectiveness of your firm and how long you can stay in the sector.
Engaging in ride-hailing dispatch solutions is a must because it minimizes workload and increases revenue. Therefore, to revolutionize your business, use Sitka, a reliable on-demand ride-hailing dispatch solution.

Rise of ride-hailing dispatch solutions during Covid-19

Sitka’s ride-hailing dispatch applications are the 24/7 solution in your hand, whether you require a 3 a.m. ride from the airport to your home or a speedy way to your conference on the town’s other side. Choose Sitka’s ride-hailing service if you want a dependable and secure option for other modes of transportation. Get about town quickly, cheaply, and comfortably – without compromising quality.
The taxi industry has been on the rise in recent years, thanks to many developments such as ridesharing and simple payouts, as well as technological advancements that have made them the “go-to” alternative.
Despite COVID19’s modest impediment to the taxi industry’s expansion, they are exhibiting encouraging signs of a comeback and might certainly attain prosperity with the assistance of a dependable taxi dispatch app.
Examine the important features of a ride-hailing dispatch app and how it can assist you in providing excellent service during a pandemic.

Complete more tasks

Is there anything more stressful than receiving a call on a crowded bus or attempting to get a good start on your morning while seated next to a nosy kid? Whether you’re on your way to a family gathering or heading to your workplace after a relatively long lunch meeting, it’s critical to make the most of every moment.
When you employ a ride-hailing dispatch service to get around town, the opportunities for higher efficiency are limitless! You can check emails, make phone calls, or even close the gap on some afternoon nap from the backseat!

A simple means of transportation

There is no similarity between ride-hailing and public transportation in terms of comfort; ride-hailing takes the win each time. Rather than chasing a passing cab or mastering the ins and outs of the local bus topology, consumers of Sitka’s ride-hailing apps can receive a ride to their destination in minutes. That implies no more queuing for the next train or bus for hours. You don’t even have to specify a pickup location; the drivers will know where you are even if you can’t understand!
The ease of use does not end with the pick-up. It is not necessary to convert currency once you get to your location because your account is connected to all of your payment details. This ensures you can get on your way without difficulty.
Sitka also makes it easy to expense work transportation for business trips.

Comfortable mobility

Ride-hailing apps offer a convenient and secure solution to public transportation. If you choose greater convenience and privacy, you will have your own backseat area and will only travel with a driver that always observes county health guidelines.
Furthermore, we do background checks on all potential drivers and cars and have a broad range of in-app safety features, so you never have to worry about your protection.

Sitka initiates ride-hailing dispatch solution for its customers

The Sitka ride-hailing solution includes a proficient dispatch management system that allows you to build and monitor practically everything you require to operate a profitable and competitive ride-hailing service. Whether it is a specific location, a town, or a region, the software allows you to have complete control over the bounds of your service.
Sitka is a software application that provides several types of ride-hailing solutions. Sitka is your innovation hub if you own a large number of cars or wish to create a service comparable to Uber or Careem.
Sitka is a robust, ready-to-use ride-hailing dispatch system that is reasonably priced. We have created various pricing plans that allow businesses of all sizes to reap the advantages of on-demand ride-hailing dispatch service.
With a full dispatch management system, Sitka offers the benefit of mobility to your ride-hailing service. Sitka can assist you with the back end of your ride-hailing service, whether you are starting a new one or modernizing an existing one. Our ride-hailing software does everything from taking orders to handling payments. Sitka’s ride-hailing dispatch solution will take your company to a whole new level, bringing technical power for sustainability and progress.

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