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Fostering a digital revolution through a cutting-edge Research Center.
The AI industry has taken a great leap. Its popularity has skyrocketed, and its influence on industry and society is beginning to be felt. A different AI research company will take it on and lead the battle, extending the limits of their respective industries, such as automation, retail, healthcare, etc.
As a renowned AI research company, we think that rapid AI advancements will secure the future of progress. We take a step ahead in offering AI-driven technologies and help organizations change the way they operate.
Sitka’s lab and research center is a striving facility for advancing AI-based solutions. Our corporate concept is to strive toward global economic development objectives with competent industrial partners.

R&D Activities

Our team members are always in search of creative techniques to enhance our solutions and offerings using AI technology. In computer vision (CV) and natural language processing (NLP), we collaborate with R&D units of the world’s biggest organizations.
Handle the 3D point cloud segmentation issue.
Create a computer vision mechanism specifically for automation.
Develop analytical programs and multilayer neural systems for dealing with unorganized and semi-structured data.
To evaluate frameworks and methodologies, use cross-validation procedures.
Build predictive analytics models using cross validation techniques for evaluation

Handle the 3D point cloud segmentation issue.


Create a computer vision mechanism specifically for automation.


Develop analytical programs and multilayer neural systems for dealing with unorganized and semi-structured data.


To evaluate frameworks and methodologies, use cross-validation procedures.

We combine innovative technologies with a client-oriented approach. Let us create easy-to-use and reliable custom automated document processing software for your business. You can integrate it with your existing ERP/CRM system, application, or platform.

Our specialization in the latest AI

Research and Development


Visual Search

We use advanced AI visual search technology to interpret the information and structure of the visuals and provide a lot of useful outcomes.


Pose Estimation

We deliver accurate and efficient pose estimation and analytics expertise adapted to our clients' demands using modern data science and deep learning technologies.


Logo Detection

One of the most significant and useful visual signals is logo detection. You'll definitely get the scalability, accuracy, and versatility the industry requires with our logo detection.


Object Segmentation in 3D Point Clouds

Our 3D point cloud methods efficiently tackle this issue of data rectification and dynamic point cloud integration for object detection.


We are a group of smart minds and creators who are always intrigued, dedicated, and interested in making it happen. We will carry you toward success, whether it’s for App Development or launching your latest AI research development business!
Sitka is a regular participant at tech events around the world. We stay up to date on the newest artificial intelligence and machine learning advancements and research.

The Power Product and the Quotient Rules

To analyze massive volumes of data effectively, we use the power product and quotient rules techniques. We can convert large troves of data – progressively recorded by linked networks – into a comprehensible framework for humans with the support of this beneficial approach.

Other events

Participating in events of this magnitude and intensity helps in gaining valuable experience by delving into unique and niche domains. It acts as a means of motivation for our AI research company, allowing us to embrace a broad view of projects.

Why is Sitka suitable for you?


Professional team of AI Research and Development

Our professional team with the latest AI Research and Development solutions works together to complete interdependent initiatives in order to achieve a sense of unity or a specialized target.

Making a real difference in the scientific community

Our data analysts and machine learning experts are leaders in communally relevant fields and know how to apply that information to decision-making.

Up-to-date technology

We employ the latest technologies that help us enhance our services and deliver the most ideal outcomes in the industry.

Strategy and analysis with multiple aspects

This approach aids us in evaluating the research procedures and methods in order to meet the needs of our clients.

Strong domain skills

Our team has a plethora of AI and machine learning skills and understanding gained through years of real-time experience.

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