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Discover remote software development methods and technologies we utilized on programs like Nestle and the World Bank, as well as firms like LunchBadger and RapidSOS. Our method was 100% remote and initiated incredible results.
You require something beyond normal in unusual conditions. That’s exactly what we deliver. Even while we get along, we can only achieve the goals that our clients expect if we accept ownership and respond quickly to new circumstances. Hence, even before the pandemic, we chose to go completely remote.

It turned out to be a piece of cake for us

97% of tasks are completed remotely

100% of our members have experience with remote work

The clients and our skilled personnel have been usually remote working on 97 percent of the initiatives, such as workshops, with very rare visits. This ensures that we have the expertise and mechanisms in place to make the transition to a totally remote setting.
We were able to work from home whenever it was more suitable, despite having office space. Gratefully, we are used to adopting technologies that help us communicate, measure time and productivity, and handle projects.

As a result


100% of our projects were completed on time during the contagious outbreak

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our staff and respective clients have never suffered any setbacks in any project delivery.

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We have met a range of issues while working on over 50 remote software development tasks, and we’ve tried numerous approaches to coping with them. As an outcome, we’ve developed a series of finest principles that enable us to execute remote operations as if we were right beside each other.
“They have good engineering skills, stick to limitations, and interact efficiently, in my opinion. Partnering with Sitka was the best decision. It was like having a talented squad right next door.”
Erin Boelkens / Head of Engineering at LiveRamp

Our remote-style to software development



Immediate interaction with developers via quick communicators and conference calls can help you overcome challenges quickly to keep track of progress. We stay in contact regardless of timezone using the greatest techniques.


Obtain a cooperative guide during the project that contains all details on work structure, briefings, messaging services, papers, file storage, and product updates. All of this is done to make communication easier from the start.


Complete transparency

Stay current with project status with constant updates and online access to project tracking and project reports. We want you to be able to see the progress of the work being done for you. That is how much we are honest and open with our clients!

What makes our technique successful?

Take a tour of some of our previous remote software development accomplishments. Your IT project could be one of them eventually!

UI/UX design for enhanced productivity

To engage your audience and transform them into prospective clients, create aesthetically attractive, highly intuitive, and efficient solutions with the end-user in mind.

UI/UX design for enhanced productivity

To engage your audience and transform them into prospective clients, create aesthetically attractive, highly intuitive, and efficient solutions with the end-user in mind.

Independence and accountability

Working remotely is an excellent fit with our core beliefs.


We are accountable for implementing the outcomes you expect regardless of our ability to operate from anywhere.

Working from home does not imply a lack of professionalism! Our staff is more engaged and productive, and they are more imperative for the performance of your project because they have the flexibility to operate from wherever they wish.

We accept complete ownership for handling tasks effectively since we have the freedom to select how we work.

Our professionals are more successful and creative because of the environment of liberty and commitment in remote software development, where they are empowered to take decisions and take action.

We embrace the complete authority of our objectives because we have the freedom to select how we wish to fulfill them.

With this sense of professionalism, your project will be tackled with more precision, with staff feeling responsible for the success and considering the project as if it were their own.

We control our destiny to #KeepSITKAWeird even in the toughest situation

Going completely remote has no adverse effect on our regular operations. We keep the project’s flow maintained at all times. This is made feasible by the adoption of our principles throughout the company.


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20 Feb 2022


Additional advantages of remote software development

We are able to properly supervise all procedures remotely while maintaining a free environment and taking control of the duties.




Your data’s protection is our highest concern. Our security policy governs how we use corporate resources, networks, and third-party applications. We connect your databases using VPNs, and all of our hardware, as well as all credentials, are encoded and stored securely in the cloud. Two-step authentication is required for accessing any third-party resources.

Leader of the scrum team

Each initiative has a supervisor who assists the Scrum Team in collaborating and maximizing the quality produced. A scrum leader assists the product owner by assuring everybody on the Scrum Team is aware of the product’s objectives, limits, and industry, as well as that the Product Backlog is successfully handled. A supervisor assists the development team by promoting self-determination, eliminating roadblocks, and organizing Scrum activities.

Remote methodologies

Prior to the epidemic, 97% of our initiatives were totally remote, and 100% of our team has worked distantly. This is how we normally function! All of the tools we’ll require are already in place, as are all of the workflows.

Discover the techniques we used to create products that received $16 million in funding.

Take a look at this webinar to learn how Sitka works in a unique way to achieve the greatest results.

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