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Often referred to as the “next generation” of e-commerce, it is a distinct business model with very little order placement and delivery window. As generation Z has seized control of the virtual era, the delivery schedule has altered out of a 1-day delivery window to a 10-minute time frame.

Speedy Commerce is a quick order fulfillment process to handle orders for micro to small amounts of food, including items like groceries, stationery, prescription drugs, and more.

Many organizations have embraced the concept wholeheartedly in order to accomplish the astounding product-fit concept in the current online marketplaces. As a result, while developing the value proposition of any organization, the shift from the old good model to the rapid commerce model has a significant impact.
Thus, what exactly is q-commerce, and how does it differ from standard e-commerce?
Quick Commerce Platform






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Although it is not as rapid as DC's Flash, it is significantly more efficient and user-friendly than typical e-commerce. The term applies to e-commerce enterprises that supply goods in a matter of hours or minutes, such as some fast food restaurants.

Even though the phrase "on-demand delivery" or even terminology like "quick commerce" are occasionally employed simultaneously, the concept of quick commerce is not unique. It's been there for a long time in the food sector, and it's just recently made its way into the mainstream due to changing customer preferences.

Those q-commerce firms, notably those that specialize mainly in groceries with an online marketplace, have gained considerable interest in recent years, including Glovo, Delivery Hero, and Instacart. These quick commerce enterprises mostly concentrate on items meant for instant consumption, which customers frequently require or want to be supplied immediately.

How to put Q-commerce
into practice

Quick commerce is a crucial technique for your delivery firm to implement if you want to retain your customers’ loyalty in today’s fiercely competitive industry while also increasing your profit margin.
Here is a quick read to help you understand how to deal with a larger audience while maintaining the idea of superfast delivery and enjoying wider profitability and profitability margin.

Establishing the regional nodes

The products should first be scooped up, wrapped, and delivered more swiftly and economically from a hub or warehouse that is close by and Sitka funds these products. When you have a local warehouse close to your customers, you may build quick business processes. It will expedite turnaround times, enhance productivity, and cut back on wasteful mileage and fuel expenditures.
Regardless of the state of the roads and the volume of traffic, you can choose to request that your delivery partners offer incredibly quick delivery. Combining or collaborating with the third-party freight forwarding provider at a very reasonable price is another pre-establishment activity that allows stimulates the business process.

Maintaining the stock

When deciding to go into Q-shoes, commerce’s other consideration is carefully selecting the merchandise and its SKU To fully grasp market demand, particularly changes in flexible demand, conduct thorough market research. You have the option to select a stock list and the overall number of goods.


How does it assist?

There will be an extra advantage for quickly responding to fluctuations and speeding up the delivery procedure by picking up the goods from the nearby warehouse and extending the delivery window. You can immediately apply the rapid commerce model to your present business as a consequence.

Leading companies in the Q-commerce sector

Following the shutdown and during the outbreak, a large number of new players established themselves and adapted their businesses to Q commerce business models. Here are some names worth mentioning:

A quick overview of the Quick Commerce business model

The advent of the pandemic in our globe brought about a huge disruption in the logistics of the supply chain. The term “Quick commerce” has introduced a new variant to the e-commerce sector. For those who are not familiar, it is an innovative business model that handles logistics tasks and sends food to consumers’ homes and offices within 20 to 30 minutes after ordering. The aim is primarily on offering the service for micro and smaller quantities of goods that are light-weighted, from everyday food requirements to pharmacy requirements. The change from fully stocked huge warehouses to nearby micro-warehouses has been made as a result of consumers focusing more on their online purchasing behaviorism.

Advantages of Quick Commerce

Speed When compared to traditional e-commerce, q-commerce enterprisesSitka can get things into the hands of customers in a shorter amount of time. This corresponds to higher customer satisfaction and has been demonstrated to deliver a significant ROI for e-commerce firms.



Sitka’s numerous micro-fulfillment-based rapid commerce startups, such as Ohi, use modern technologies (such as artificial intelligence or machine learning forecasts) to deliver exceptionally high inventory precision and on-time delivery levels that outperform conventional e-commerce enterprises.
Platforms like Ohi also interact with a variety of last-mile delivery providers to assure fast and correct distribution to the end customer, culminating in higher customer satisfaction and fewer or no “where is my purchase” CX support inquiries.

Guaranteed availability of well-picked, appropriate products

Not only are faster deliveries accessible, but things are more certain to be readily obtainable as a result of investments in AI and technology that analyze requirements and alter inventory as needed. Intelligent software detects demand trends, and businesses can adapt by assuring that things are delivered as required. They also use digital innovations to maintain their network of couriers, who serve as the brand’s image, are updated, fully trained, and offer an exceptional level of service to clients.


Quick commerce may link environment criteria with an inherently better delivery process in a world where almost 80% of customers believe sustainability is essential to them. From an environmental standpoint, the opportunity to decrease external packaging components, as well as other provider-specific initiatives, make quick commerce worth proclaiming from the mountain peaks.

24-hour service

Dark businesses can function 24 hours a day year-round, unlike typical shops, which have specific daily operating hours. This round-the-clock access is consistent with the ‘always-on’ lifestyle that mobile technology has created: individuals are up at all hours, with mobiles within arm’s reach every second.

Ease and comfort

If you could choose between halting your daily progress, rifling around for keys and cards, tying straps, strolling a block or two, then wandering through the store in hunt of your goods, not being able to pinpoint them so interacting with an employee for assistance, queuing up, paying, stuffing items, then walking back home, which would you go for?
The underlying- and highly appealing- a value proposition that q-commerce enterprises offer time-strapped customers is convenience.
Sitka believes that the sooner orders are delivered, the more satisfied the customers. Our merchants required an online ordering system that would permit them to execute and deliver products to clients far faster than traditional e-commerce systems could.
To encourage growth, we hold interactions with our customers. As a result, we understood that Sitka would be beneficial to businesses of all sizes, including restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, and any other brick-and-mortar merchant in need of a direct internet retail network.
As we have designed, implemented, and launched exceptional mobile applications, Sitka has efficiently assisted various entrepreneurs and industry leaders in offering on-demand services through our award-winning quick commerce platform solution.
We promote development in all that we do. We help our customers thrive, engage in growth and development, and work hard to reward our investors. We have the best motives for everyone with whom we interact and all we do. We wish well and do great for our customers, staff, collaborators, end-users, and even the larger communities on which we have an influence.

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