Software Development for Human Pose Estimation and Analysis

From the ground up, development of efficient human posture estimation, tracking, activity recognition, and analysis solutions.
SITKA is a pose estimation computer vision company that offers best-in-class services to help you expand your business faster.
We deliver scalable and reliable human body pose estimate software and human movement analytics tailored particularly to your needs using cutting-edge pose estimation deep learning and data science methodologies.
Let us use our senior-level experience to create a custom solution for you from the ground up or improve an existing one.

Customized AI machine vision Pose Estimation Technology To Match Your Requirements

Since 2014, we’ve been at the cutting edge of technology and understand what it takes to run a successful business. Allow our data scientists to employ revolutionary technology to propel your company forward.

We deliver fast and accurate custom solutions that can run on iOS, Android, edge devices and high-load servers.

A set of extended key points enables leading-edge analytics of human movement that will give you a competitive edge over other companies in the nich

Unleash valuable insights with 2D and 3D detailed motion analysis to transform your business.

Need to analyze a single person’s movement? Or maybe a group of people? We can provide you with both single-person and multiple-person custom human pose estimation and analysis developed according to your needs.

Estimate the joint position of a person or an animal during various movements from one or multiple cameras depending on your camera's setting.

Our technologies are compatible with a wide range of cameras. You won’t need to buy extra sensors or attach markers.

The technologies we develop can be utilized to estimate not only human but also animal movement.

We can deliver effective solutions to estimate plenty of activities from yoga and pilates, to somersaulting and bungee jumping.

We can empower your business with a pose estimation model that we will develop in accordance with your specific needs.

What You Can Do With It

From the ground up, our team of professionals develops excellent human pose estimation systems. They aid with the tracking and analysis of human movement and activities. Both the healthcare and sports industries can benefit from this technology. It can improve real-time human body joint localization and position monitoring in fitness or therapeutic computer vision application. It can perform quick and accurate motion analysis and activity recognition, as well as provide immediate feedback on how to exercise properly to avoid injury.
Pose estimation deep learning can be extremely useful in the surveillance sector. This concept can be used to improve security at sporting arenas, airports, train stations, and other congested places. The optimal combo to help avoid violence is human posture estimation combined with various data science algorithms for activity recognition and analysis.
With intriguing AR effects, the technology has the potential to change Entertainment and Media. It aids in the rendering and alignment of human body components in a quick and accurate manner, resulting in a lifelike appearance.
Do you need assistance creating a human body position estimation model?

Advantages for Your Company

Our cutting-edge solutions assist our clients in gaining market share and achieving success. We create AI machine vision solutions for everyone, from tiny businesses to giant corporations. Whatever your sector, our team of experts will work directly with you to match your requirements with custom software.

Health and Fitness

You may help your consumers work out at home effectively and safely by including human pose estimation and monitoring technology in your fitness software. When they exercise in front of the phone camera, they get real-time feedback on their moves and can avoid damage. Increase the number of downloads and income generated by your creative activity-tracking computer vision application.


Human body analysis will enhance your physical therapy workout tracker. The system monitors and rates the user's movements, as well as offering advice on how to improve recuperation and achieve other health and wellness goals. Make physical treatment exercises efficient, interactive, and fun to win the hearts of your consumers and increase revenue.


Use pose estimation computer vision system software development to unlock the benefits of security automation (CV). Custom-made human activity detection software can be installed in your stadium, event, or any other crowded area to detect abnormal or violent conduct. Prevent violence by monitoring and detecting unusual activities around the clock.

Media and Entertainment

With fantastic AR motion tracking effects, you can make your smartphone app go viral. You may allow your users to modify their looks from head to toe by incorporating computer vision system software development. Allow your users to enjoy real-time beautification and full-body tracking virtual makeovers in augmented reality to keep them engaged. Are you in another business but need a robust human posture recognition solution?

From another industry, but looking for a powerful human pose recognition solution?

The Way It Works


Human Pose Estimation Model Built to Your Requirements

Decoding Pose Estimation Models Output

Joints Tracking

Jitter Removal Algorithms

Activity Recognition

Repetitions Counting

Error Detection Algorithms

Display Results

Why Should You Use Us For Your CV Technology?

SITKA prioritizes the client. We recognize that every company is unique, which is why we create client-centric solutions that are suited to your needs and the industry’s particular.
We employ our decades of experience and cutting-edge technology to ensure that your product remains market-relevant for many years to come.

A Skilled Group of Over 80 Experts

We have a strong industry reputation for our dependable human pose identification solutions, and we've completed numerous projects in various areas involving 2D and 3D human pose estimation.

More than 7 Years on the Market

We've been providing effective human body position estimate development services for over 7 years.

Personalized Services

We collaborate with a variety of clients to produce cutting-edge solutions that meet their needs.

Exceptional Results

Our data scientists are dedicated to providing dependable and robust customized pose recognition algorithms.

Technologies We Use

We use the latest technologies available on the market and go on enriching our tech stack.
  • Yoga App with Human Body Pose Estimation Technology

    A Berlin-based MedTech startup was the client. The client needed a team with years of experience in computer vision to assist them to improve the accuracy of their virtual yoga coaching app's posture estimation.

    The goal was to create a reliable model for more accurate real-time human movement analysis. Implementing a pose tracking method for consistent non-jittering outcomes during computer vision application usage was also a problem.

    Our study has increased human pose estimation and tracking accuracy, as well as real-time activity detection.

  • Pose Estimation for Fitness and Physical Therapy Application

    The client: a US-based startup specialized in human activity recognition and motion analysis.

    The challenge was to develop a state-of-the-art pose estimation model to detect a human posture in a real-time scenario.

    We successfully applied our computer vision and deep learning experience to aid the client with an AI-driven solution. Our expertise in mobile neural networks and deep learning helped accomplish the human activity recognition challenge in very limited terms, though deep learning approaches require months of work.

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Need help with AI machine vision for your product or want to build a custom pose estimation computer vision system software development from the ground up? SITKA is here to assist you.
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