UBER’s toughest opponents in Atlanta

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Services names

User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Application Layout, and Branding IOS App Development and Android App Development

Project name

Alianza Taxi


Defeating Uber in Atlanta.

About Project

Alianza Taxi Inc. contacted Sitka in 2018 to have a comparable model established for the region of Georgia in the United States, as UBER altered the fundamentals of the old taxi market.
Continuing the UBER paradigm, other applications for both Android and iOS platforms were created to offer the reliability and performance that digitalization offered the ride-hailing market.

Our tasks

Creating a simple and clean user interface/user experience for customers and ride operators.

Making product recommendations possible

Predictive models in use Adding product recommendations to the 360-degree view.

Making recommendations

Tool development front-line personnel with advice on how to deal with churn-prone consumers

Model integration

Integrating the models developed with the client’s systems.

Making recommendations

Tool development front-line personnel with advice on how to deal with churn-prone consumers.


Traditional taxi firms faced an inherent danger after the emergence of ridesharing sector behemoths like Uber and Lyft.
As a result of the instability in the ride-hailing sector, it was crucial for organizations like Alianza to quickly embrace the evolving technology model to remain in the ridesharing sector.

Solution provided

In the realm of technology, it’s time to become digital.
Alianza established an on-demand ride-hailing program to assist in combat the technology rivalry spurred on by the taxi industry’s biggest players.
Alianza was able to extend and flourish within the transportation domain by acquiring a foothold in the ride-sharing market.

Technologies we used

Node.js, MongoDB, Python, Java, React.js, Socket.io, AWS, Twilio, Google Maps, FireBase, Swift, Kotlin, R Programming

Project results

With Alianza Taxi’s entry into the ridesharing industry in Georgia, the United States, the taxi lobby saw a glimmer of optimism.
Because BidSquad takes care of everything for you! The program’s clever intelligence analyzes the profiles that best meet the customer’s demands.


Since then, the company has been ramping up, rapidly increasing its customer base. In Georgia, the United States, around 600 drivers are employed, with an average annual income of $16 million.
“They wanted satisfied customers, and it showed in their work approach. Sitka was vital in helping us create the most accurate app possible.”

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