Real Estate

The Real Estate Industry is Being Digitally Transformed.

Industry Name

Real Estate

Services names

User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Application Layout, and Branding IOS App Development and Android App Development

Project name

Amigo Estate


Together, we're building trust.

About Project

Recognizing the country’s technological challenges, Amigo Estate initiated a phased rollout of a digital platform for the real estate business.
Sitka experts launched a series of in-depth meetings with Amigo Estate executives, resulting in a well-thought-out operational plan for the region’s real estate market.

Our tasks

Creating a simple and clean user interface/user experience for customers and ride operators.

Making product recommendations possible

Predictive models in use Adding product recommendations to the 360-degree view.

Making recommendations

Tool development front-line personnel with advice on how to deal with churn-prone consumers

Model integration

Integrating the models developed with the client’s systems.

Making recommendations

Tool development front-line personnel with advice on how to deal with churn-prone consumers.


The biggest issue that an industry like this has is gaining people’s trust. Users with little to no IT experience are hesitant to invest in such changes due to the continual increase in cybercrime.
This is when Get Shifa was launched; due to a lack of public knowledge, the company’s largest challenge was breaking into this market.

Solution provided

Amigo Estate’s functionality has been restricted to the web versions so far. This is done to raise public knowledge and trust.
Any agent who offers an asset is subjected to a thorough background check. This guarantees that whoever sells property in the marketplace is trustworthy and does not defraud buyers.

Technologies we used

Node.js, MongoDB, Python, Java, React.js, Socket.io, AWS, Twilio, Google Maps, FireBase, Swift, Kotlin, R Programming

Project results

Every day, the globe is at the pinnacle of great technological changes, and Pakistan should adapt to meet shifting global demands.


The ability to select appropriate properties from the comfort of one’s own home can drastically save search time, which is a valuable tool in today’s digital environment.
“Sitka’s team did an outstanding job designing the Amigo Estate app in a short amount of time and on budget—the team battled relentlessly to complete it before the deadline and are expert problem solvers.”

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