Health care

Increasing the healthcare sector’s resilience in a smooth manner

Industry Name

Health care

Services names

User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Application Layout, and Branding IOS App Development and Android App Development.

Project name

Get Shifa


In the era of linked apps, overcoming the healthcare divide.

About Project

Get Shifa opted to digitize the inflexible healthcare industry in 2016, inspiring it to change in line with new standards in the linked app world.
Apps for Android and iOS were built after thorough conversations between Sitka and Get Shifa to cover a wide variety of consumers.

Our tasks

Creating a simple and clean user interface/user experience for customers and ride operators.

Making product recommendations possible

Predictive models in use Adding product recommendations to the 360-degree view.

Making recommendations

Tool development front-line personnel with advice on how to deal with churn-prone consumers

Model integration

Integrating the models developed with the client’s systems.

Making recommendations

Tool development front-line personnel with advice on how to deal with churn-prone consumers.


When it concerns accepting change, the healthcare profession is notoriously difficult, and on-demand services were no different. Users are hesitant to abandon long-standing habits in favor of on-demand and remote offerings.
This is when Get Shifa was launched; due to a lack of public knowledge, the company’s largest challenge was breaking into this market.

Solution provided

A business solution that is available on demand.

Patients can pre-book medical appointments with a doctor of their choice from a list of available slots using Get Shifa.
Patients can also take advantage of specialist healthcare services, such as real-time, productive discussions with doctors. Apart from making appointments, the app includes a Get Shifa list for quick checkups, security with activation numbers, payments, and pertinent ratings and reviews.

Technologies we used

Node.js, MongoDB, Python, Java, React.js, Socket.io, AWS, Twilio, Google Maps, FireBase, Swift, Kotlin, R Programming

Project results

Long lines are no longer an issue thanks to apps like getting Shifa. You can effortlessly get a licensed doctor on board at your preferred time and date.


Furthermore, the app is created with the end-user in mind. It’s efficient and provides a pleasant user experience.
“Partnering with Sitka has been a dream come true in every aspect. The process and outcomes were great from concept to implementation, as well as the complete evolution phase in between.”

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