Connecting tourists with genuine artisans in a vacation spot.

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User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Application Layout, and Branding IOS App Development and Android App Development

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Assisting you in bringing true memories from your journey back to you

About Project

Tuzmo enhances your journey experience by introducing you to authentic local craftsmen in a tourist attraction. Engage with real masters of their artistry to learn about the place’s heritage, arts, and customs.
Tuzmo enables you to help the world’s craftsmen at a time when travel constraints have put a lot of artisans’ livelihoods in jeopardy.

Our tasks

Creating a simple and clean user interface/user experience for customers and ride operators.

Making product recommendations possible

Predictive models in use Adding product recommendations to the 360-degree view.

Making recommendations

Tool development front-line personnel with advice on how to deal with churn-prone consumers

Model integration

Integrating the models developed with the client’s systems.

Making recommendations

Tool development front-line personnel with advice on how to deal with churn-prone consumers.


In recent years, the tourist and travel business has had a difficult time. Since the tourism industry was halted due to the highly contagious Covid-19 epidemic, artists have faced a serious conflict.
What could be done to re-establish their popularity and attract more visitors to their craftsmanship? To address this issue, there needs to be a platform that connects tourists and craftsmen!

Solution provided

Tuzmo is standing by your side throughout this challenging period, working hard to help you develop your small businesses.
Tuzmo is here to support artisan communities to gain worldwide recognition and prosper well beyond the existing quo by bridging the digital gap, revitalizing the tourism industry, and assisting craftsman groups in gaining global recognition.

Technologies we used

Node.js, MongoDB, Python, Java, React.js, Socket.io, AWS, Twilio, Google Maps, FireBase, Swift, Kotlin, R Programming

Project results

You can sell your handmade items directly to visitors and travelers from all around the world using our platform, and you can choose your own rates.
You may keep more profit and start on the path to monetary independence by cutting out the middlemen.


Tuzmo app enables authentic artists and traditional craftspeople to sell directly to a larger global audience. It transfers the financial benefit of art projects from dealers and retailers to the artisans.
“When it concerns mobile app development, software solutions in a broad sense, and technological strategy, Sitka has been a fantastic asset and source of expertise for us.”

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