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Real Estate

Services names

User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Application Layout, and Branding IOS App Development and Android App Development

Project name

Plot Lo


Providing safe and secure investing options

About Project

Brokers are the most common way for Pakistan’s bustling real estate market to conduct business. Consumers depend on social media platforms for digital transactions, primarily Facebook, however, due to the region’s modest technological advancements, most choose to do such transactions in person.
Plot Lo is making strides in this field, producing major upheaval in the usual commercial bargaining process.

Our tasks

Creating a simple and clean user interface/user experience for customers and ride operators.

Making product recommendations possible

Predictive models in use Adding product recommendations to the 360-degree view.

Making recommendations

Tool development front-line personnel with advice on how to deal with churn-prone consumers

Model integration

Integrating the models developed with the client’s systems.

Making recommendations

Tool development front-line personnel with advice on how to deal with churn-prone consumers.


In Pakistan, the most extensively used media for property transactions is in-person meetings with brokers.
Plot Lo wanted to break the industry’s established norms but faced various obstacles. For example, a lack of public knowledge needed not only a slick app user experience but also considerable investment in developing a marketing plan for the solution.

Solution provided

Before going on to the development phase, our Business Intelligence experts worked closely with the developers to create detailed user profiles that aided in the creation of a meaningful, highly dynamic user interface.
The marketing team worked tirelessly to optimize the app store and create a complex technical SEO strategy, allowing the Plot Lo team to attract customers without relying on a large-scale paid ad campaign.

Technologies we used

Node.js, MongoDB, Python, Java, React.js, Socket.io, AWS, Twilio, Google Maps, FireBase, Swift, Kotlin, R Programming

Project results

Users can use the Plot Lo apps to search for on-sale properties from the convenience of their own homes.
The software ensures on-point, trustworthy search results by allowing users to apply a variety of specification filters.


Regulators can use Plot Lo’s security capabilities to eliminate listings that fall under a predetermined level of validity, increasing the product’s trustworthiness.
“It’s been a dream come true to collaborate with Sitka. They delivered smart, completely involved, and well beyond work/awareness, which I greatly value.”

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