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Analysis of Customer Feedback

Overwhelmed by massive amounts of data? Can’t seem to turn it into useful information about your company’s strengths and weaknesses? For consumer feedback analysis, employ custom NLP use cases. You may automate data gathering and analysis of unstructured data by integrating them into your app or infrastructure. Detect and extract subjects, then analyze sentiments before making changes to your company plan.

Use the information you’ve unearthed to ensure that your products or NLP services meet the needs of your customers and address their difficulties.

Summarization and Context-Aware Search

Make content search simple and relevant for your clients, whether on the web or in a mobile app. We create custom intelligent content search and filtering solutions that ensure your clients receive only the most recent and relevant content. Customers will be more loyal if you provide them with user-friendly solutions that save them time.

Generating Text

We can assist you to manage your workload if your company generates a lot of data and you can’t handle it on your own. Your customer NLP services department is swamped with calls? Consider solutions that generate text. They make data collection and clustering possible, allowing the most frequently requested queries to be identified. We can train an AI model to assess consumer questions and deliver answers based on the acquired data.

Audience Research

Looking for strategies to better understand and agree with your target audience? For actionable insights, our NLP data analytics text data from social media channels. Learn everything you can about your target audience, including their age, gender, geography, nationality, language, and interests. Keep an eye on your brand’s visibility and reputation on social media. To get your brand to the top of your industry, work on its flaws.

Categorization and Clasterization, NLP Data analytics, and NLP use cases

You can avoid the hassle of manually gathering and extracting value from data by using SITKA data collection and analysis custom NLP solutions. If you’re still manually processing and labeling customer reviews, it’s time to automate. You’ll get a smart data analysis, automated review categorization, customer base clustering, time savings, and error removal. Reduce the stress of dealing with client evaluations and free up time for more important duties.

Evaluating Public Opinion

Have you tried several marketing methods but aren’t seeing the results you desire? For more brand insights, go to a data-driven strategy. You may mine social media, review networks, and other vital sources using custom sentiment analysis tools. You may simply discover and benefit from your audience’s moods by automatically detecting hidden meanings beneath a large number of texts. For a stronger brand, use sentiment analysis to gain insights into your brand’s health and current marketing initiatives.

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“Sitka has been assisting our NLP analytics company for the past 10 months with the development and operation of innovative and customized software. We've collaborated with many of their developers and can't say enough good things about them. They are dependable, competent, intelligent, responsive, excellent communicators, and really friendly! Anyone searching for a highly skilled and solution-oriented team might consider employing Sitka.”

- Enya A. Founder WPBeginnerc

“We were thrilled to find that Sitka adopts a unique approach after trying a couple of different software developers without results. They not only have a wealth of skill and expertise, but they also encourage project responsibility and care for their employees to enhance core competencies on the team. The team constantly takes the time to properly comprehend the project's objective and never over-commits in terms of timeframe or technical outputs.”

- Enya A. Founder WPBeginnerc

Customer Accomplishment

Marketing and promotional techniques based on machine learning and natural language processing

A cosmetic firm is a client. They struggle to comprehend and evaluate massive amounts of data. They sought to apply machine learning to automate data collection and analysis.

Our team created custom machine learning models that allowed us to do the following:

As a result of the collaboration, the client has got a customized solution for prompt data collection and analysis, customer behavior prediction, brand health tracking.
“SITKA is a massively complicated software system that performs heavy operations in near-real-time via a variety of hardware and software interfaces. Our clients expect great performance, and we are the most stable and dependable software solution in our industry. Sitka’s experienced and knowledgeable engineers have repeatedly exceeded my expectations.
SITKA comes highly recommended. I moved from having 6 engineers to having almost twenty. When compared to other firms, we have recognition for having the greatest technology. All of these businesses are multibillion-dollar enterprises. And, owing to my Sitka team, I’m able to make these ambitious promises with confidence.”
Daniel Baron/ CEO & Founder of SITKA


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