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With our custom marketing and advertising solutions, you can harness the worth of artificial intelligence marketing solutions to increase your sales. Let’s discuss your project.

Our skills and experience

Revolutionise your marketing & sales process by implementing AI-powered solutions for customer segmentation and analysis, content creation and optimization, personalized user experience and streamlined workflows.

User-Centric Reporting Improves Conversions using Data Analytics

Are you looking for a solution to optimize your marketing initiatives and raise conversion rates? For complicated consumer data analysis, use Big data analytics in your organization. To produce more personalized offerings and give a sophisticated consumer experience, analyze behavior, requirements and preferences, and attitudes.
Allow our artificial intelligence marketing solutions to perform data analysis for you. Data analytics may be used to easily monitor marketing KPIs, forecast campaign performance, and handle the total marketing budget.

Personalized Advertising with Predictive Analytics

Demonstrate your understanding of your consumers to gain their trust and loyalty. Use Al technology in your digital marketing to segment your audience and identify potential consumers.
Reduced ad budget, improved income, and higher engagement and conversion rates can all be achieved through front-line consumer data analysis, eye-catching targeted adverts, and content recommendations.

Advanced Online Advertising with Visual Search

Computer vision-based visual search is crucial for improved product suggestions and revenue. Visual search technology enables your organization to improve consumer satisfaction, search speed, item tagging costs, and the amount of shoppable products by implementing it.

Smart Product Recommendation Using Computer Vision

Computer vision technology uses marketing machine learning models experience and skill to give personalized suggestions across all of your touchpoints that are tailored to each customer’s tastes and preferences. Customers can get smart product suggestions from your firm, such as virtual fitting rooms via AI mobile apps, outfit creation from closet clothes, and more accurate product recommendations within the genre.

Plagiarism detection with image recognition

To protect your intellectual property, your organization might use picture recognition tools to detect image plagiarism. Counterfeit detection is a feature that automatically detects and records counterfeits. Our algorithm provides relevant web links as well as ‘visually similar photos’ and matching images when detecting bogus logo brands.

Sentiment Analysis with Natural Language Processing

AI-powered NLP services enable your firm to extend the sentiment tracking process on websites and social media, providing instant access to insights on massive amounts of data. You can track current trends and adjust your services for high-rate and profitable advertising solutions using this data and artificial intelligence in marketing.

Identifying B2B Customers' High-Value Leads

Target those potential clients who will deliver your firm the most revenue to maximize your marketing and sales efforts. Utilize your business data to define the proper leads for you and use it to anticipate lead quality. It will enable you to be proactive, lowering time spent on achieving your goals and marketing and advertising money spent on less valuable clients.

Our Providers

Our AI-tailored solutions can help you establish more successful customer touchpoints by combining big data analytics, predictive analytics, machine learning marketing applications, computer vision, and natural language processing. AI marketing solutions decrease ad costs, streamline marketing efforts, simplify and improve the client experience, segment the audience, and help tailor adverts, all of which contribute to the bottom line of your business.


We are ready to advise you on how to upgrade and improve your business using AI marketing solutions while keeping your aims and values in mind.


Marketing Software with Artificial Intelligence

Our staff, which has worked with marketing organizations before, focuses on your needs while developing high-performing AI-based solutions.


Marketing Firms' Predictive Analytics Solution

Our experts can help you design precise and cutting-edge predictive analytics solutions tailored to your company's specific requirements.

Want to use our powerful AI solutions to produce a marketing breakthrough?

Gain a competitive advantage by utilizing

AI software development for marketing.

We’re ready to assist you to add value to your company by developing AI software for dependable machine learning marketing applications solutions. With our predictive analytics solution, you may get accurate data-driven forecasts and improved communication with your clients without guesswork. Reduce machine learning marketing applications costs and improve customer satisfaction by automating corporate procedures.

Segmentation of Customers

Increase conversion rates by targeting potential consumers and providing them with personalized offers.

Prediction of Customer Churn

Identify probable fundamental causes of customer churn and retain client loyalty to get the firm back on track.

User Experiences That Are Personalized

We’ve adopted predictive analytics in order to deliver targeted adverts to each individual client.

Analyzing Public Opinion

To keep on top of current trends and your customers’ preferences, our cutting-edge NLP solutions provide real-time data-driven sentiment analysis.

Forecasting Product Demand

Depending on accumulated data, we create specific demand forecasting marketing machine learning models that can minimize inventory and improve service levels.

Routine Tasks Automated

Automate and improve routine operations so that your customer care representatives and data scientists may focus on more challenging jobs.
Our machine learning marketing applications solution will help you grow your business.

Why should you work with SITKA?

We make it simple to increase your deep learning marketing efforts and accelerate your organization with our broad expertise, tailored solutions, and dedication to our clients.

Provider of Leading AI Solutions

As a leading AI solution provider, we try to provide cutting-edge custom software that aligns with your goals and strategy.

Marketer with prior experience

Our professionals have first-hand expertise in using front-line AI advertising solutions in deep learning marketing to match your unique needs.

Exceptional Services

Our high-performance coherent AI technologies improve the efficiency of corporate processes and provide more dependable decision-making.

Customer Satisfaction

Since 2014, we’ve been using AI in healthcare companies. Take a peek at some of the most well-known projects we’ve completed for our healthcare clients.

Models for Marketing and Advertising Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

89 percent better consumer behavior prediction
A large beauty company is a client. They contacted Sitka to use Al in their marketing campaigns. Our team was tasked with analyzing data and extracting useful information. As a result, we integrated our unique marketing machine learning models into their platform as a solution.
It leads to more effective use of consumer feedback and a better knowledge of the customer. They were able to boost consumer behavior prediction by 89 percent with our analytics solution.

Influencer Marketing System from the start

Predicting influencer behavior rose by 91%.
A digital marketing agency is a client. They required custom software development for influencer marketing. The Sitka team built a platform (backend and frontend) that included predictive analytics and natural language processing.
As a result, we’ve developed a deep learning marketing platform that meets the needs of the client. Real-time analytics, competitor brand analysis, influencer suggestions, and other features of the service include:

Developing Network for Social Media Analytics

User participation grew by 91%.
A solution to estimate user activity and engagement was requested by the client. Our proposal was to create a social media analytics platform that would track user interaction, handle queries, and make user-centric suggestions.
As a consequence, the customer now has a reliable social media analytics platform that fits all of his needs.

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