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Enable greater operational efficiency by introducing logistic solutions that solve your business challenges. for smart and cost-effective vehicle production.

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With efficient logistics and transportation solutions, you can deliver items on time, on budget, and at the speed your consumers expect. With a full suite of software and services for carriers, freight forwarders, and logistics organizations, you can optimize delivery routes and assure driver safety on the road.

Predictive Analytics and Smart Logistics

Need effective management solutions to help your company grow? Predictive analytics in transportation can help you make better decisions. Predictive analytics-based solutions can help you stay one step ahead and plan future purchasing habits.
Reduce inventory expenses, increase sales, and improve reporting accuracy:
Forecast demand for goods, sales, and seasonality
With unique logistics software solutions, you can use smart inventory management, inventory sync, and stock transparency.
With AI-enabled logistics software solutions, you can quickly handle orders and track freight.
With the bespoke freight rates prediction software, you can forecast pricing and make data-driven decisions.

Computer Vision for Cargo Damage Detection

With computer vision and images in intelligent transportation systems, you may easily redefine your regular transportation chores. You can improve visual cargo inspection by adding another set of eyes with cutting-edge capabilities. To confirm the integrity of commodities on incoming containers, use automated defect detection. You can minimize rework loops and additional expenditures by assessing and recognizing cargo damage.
The ability to swiftly identify non-compliance in the container’s properties assures regulatory compliance. Implement computer vision technologies to maximize revenue potential by optimizing space in freighters and ships. Perform hands-free smart warehouse analysis using computer vision and image. Use camera-based technologies to make identifying things easier when you need them the most. Allow for faster and more precise handling of products.

OCR & Data Capture Automated Document Processing

Hand over your monotonous duties to custom OCR solutions to free up your resources. You can eliminate human error and lower labor costs by using them. Want to make invoice processing more efficient? With minimal effort, OCR systems make it quick and error-free. Improve vendor relations and audit readiness by digitizing your invoicing processing.
Looking to make back-office tasks more efficient? To go digital with your documentation, use OCR software. OCR makes data extraction easier and faster by eliminating the need for manual input. With a single click, you can capture, classify, and route structured data. Concentrate on mission-critical jobs and leave the rest to machines.

Artificial Intelligence for Streamlined Processes

Are you losing sales? With our AI solutions provider in logistics, you can track the performance of your brand in real-time. Consider your brand from the perspective of your customers. Look for bad brand mentions and customer reviews on the internet. To assist with a product launch, use first-hand feedback. Know your strengths and weaknesses — and leave your opponents in the dust.
With route optimization software, you can automate and improve the accuracy of all planning tasks. Keep your fleet running smoothly, on time, and on budget. Route planning software makes a significant difference in all logistical operations, whether it’s transportation dispatching or fleet management.

Our Approach to Logistic Issues

Getting bogged down in complicated procedures? Make use of our artificial intelligence skills to improve supply chain management. Smart systems can help you decrease logistics silos and improve your performance.
In some businesses, logistics costs might easily account for half of the overall costs. The problem is exacerbated by rising gasoline prices and rising demand.
Fleet management software is the answer.
This business mobility solution will make it simple for your organization to uncover cost-cutting opportunities in areas such as fuel use and vehicle maintenance. Better route planning will also make the most of your resources, resulting in longer-term savings.
During the transit lifespan, a considerable percentage of cargo is damaged or mishandled. Damage to products delivered in containers is difficult to track during delivery and filing a claim takes time. As a result, an increasing number of businesses require a technologically advanced logistics solution to avoid damage and maltreatment.
Cargo tracking and monitoring software is the solution.
Using smart, real-time cargo tracking is the best approach to keep your items secure and unharmed. This logistics technology solution monitors cargo condition and quality for quality assurance and compliance while optimizing supply chain visibility.
Keeping track of inventory allows businesses to meet demand and create revenue. Businesses struggle to manage their inventory effectively due to inaccurate data, poor visibility, and supply chain complexity.
Predictive analytics and inventory management software are the solutions.
Companies can use demand forecast for inventory control to maintain optimal inventory stock levels and plan effectively. By tracking stock and automating manual inventory chores, the smart inventory control software will also improve inventory processing.
Customers nowadays expect companies to offer them more information about their orders as well as the option to contact directly with delivery drivers. As a result, customers must be able to track their goods and know when they are expected to arrive.
Last-mile delivery and geospatial systems are the solutions.
Logistics organizations can use geospatial technology to help with route planning and analysis, asset tracking, and navigation to give customers more insight. Last-mile delivery software reduces delays, resulting in higher consumer satisfaction and loyalty.
Given traffic patterns, weather considerations, and road accidents, urban goods distribution is particularly difficult to forecast. Delays and poor fleet allocation are exacerbated by the lack of real-time data.
Traffic management software development is the solution.
Your organization will be able to improve route planning and handle real-time traffic data thanks to traffic data management and precise traffic predictions. Your drivers will obtain a holistic picture of the current road conditions by merging numerous data sources.
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When we initially engaged with Sitka, we were looking for expert advice on how to set up a single analytical system for company-wide controlling and reporting. Sitka specialists examined our operations, documentation, and current technology after a long interview and supplied us with a detailed project strategy.

- Enya A. Founder WPBeginnerc

To remain abreast of the enterprise application sector, we're constantly introducing new features to our solutions to meet our customers' most demanding needs. Collaboration with a capable AI solutions provider in logistics is essential to maintaining our tremendous work practices. We partnered with Sitka on the advancement of our logistics application administration because of their expertise with global logistics systems. Sitka was responsible for the whole implementation of the sophisticated automated invoicing processing feature

- Enya A. Founder WPBeginnerc


For your digital transformation, we have innovative solutions for AI in logistics.


Looking to put money into artificial intelligence in logistics? By understanding your company’s needs and pairing them with a tech solution, our data scientists and logistics software solutions engineers will assist you to kick-start your intelligent revolution.

IT Solutions for Logistics and Transportation

Our developers will offer customized software that aligns with your aims and embraces the newest tech trends, whether it’s a small business logistics or a large-scale AI logistics transport solutions management system.

The Logistics Industry's Analytics

Make the most of your company’s data by evaluating it and making faster decisions. With data-driven AI logistics transport solutions, you may reshape your business strategy and reap the rewards.

QA and testing

We prioritize product quality in our software services. That is why, before releasing your product, our QA team ensures that it is stable and error-free.
Need a digital solution for logistics?

Advantages of AI in Logistics and Transportation


Warehouse productivity has increased

A helpful assistant for managing warehouse inventories.

Customer service improvements

To gain customers, and increase supply chain visibility.

New capabilities for delivery

In any weather or traffic situation, precise delivery windows are possible.

Inventory management

Stock-outs are reduced, inventory replacement is automatic, and visibility is in real-time.

Supply chain efficiency has improved

Analytical talents can help you get around supply chain complexities.

Freight charges are lower

Reduce fuel usage and asset maintenance expenses.

Route planning that works

Make it possible for on-time deliveries and reduce shipping expenses

Fleet and driver monitoring in real-time

Maintain track of all fleet operations and prioritize driver safety.
Develop artificial intelligence products with us

Why Choose Us as an AI solutions provider in logistics?

For transportation and logistics, we have extensive artificial intelligence in logistics experience.

Over 80 experts

The in-house AI and data engineers who create custom tech AI logistics transport solutions. They put their entire focus on adding value to your logistics firm.


International Presence

In the realm of technology, we have a global presence. InData Labs, based in Cyprus, features a distributed staff of professionals from the United States and Europe.


Complete Discretion

Our team of software engineers and data scientists will serve as a trusted technological partner, keeping you informed about the development process at all times.
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