Intelligent Document Processing

Choose unique intelligent document processing solutions to eliminate errors in text-based processes, reduce human labor engagement, and increase document job efficiency.
Sitka assists firms in implementing a cutting-edge AI-driven approach to document management and management chores. From the ground up, we design custom-tailored software for intelligent document processing and automated document recognition. It’s time to automate the process of extracting and processing useful information from business and other papers.
Consider the following example of a project that our team completed for one of our clients. You can email us a request to view the basic set of capabilities of an OCR solution that we can build for you depending on your specific requirements.

How Can Custom IDP Solutions Benefit You?

By choosing a custom IDP solution, you can expand your company’s automation capabilities.

Reduce Employee Responsibility


Boost Data Processing Efficiency


Reduce the dangers

5 Steps To Managing Your Documents


Identify various automatic document processing kinds, including scanned documents, PDF files, text files, emails, digital camera photos, and other raw data sources.


Classify invoices, trade bills, timesheets, ID documents, licenses, tickets, receipts, and claims into categories.


Read on to learn how to use OCR automatic document processing, data capture, and recognition to convert a source document into a machine-readable format for further usage.


Using advanced document recognition machine learning capabilities, extract relevant data from a large amount of recognized data.


Set up reminders, send messages, store structured data, make a repayment, authenticate identities, and reply to customer inquiries using data-driven operations.

We mix cutting-edge technology with a customer-centric approach. Allow us to design unique automated document recognition software for your company that is simple to use and trustworthy. It can work with your current ERP/CRM system, application, or platform.

How Developing Customized Solutions Can Help Your Business

Implement automatic document processing procedures to meet your industry’s specialized needs. Optical character recognition (OCR) powers our proprietary IDP solutions, which have been taught to extract valuable data from a variety of documents:

Processing of Invoices

Improve your accounts payable processes by eliminating manual data entry, validation, and classification. The key advantages include cost savings, faster workflows, resource redeployment for higher efficiency, and increased ROI.

Processing of Claims

Automate data capture from a variety of claim forms, including written and printed, assuring high accuracy and enabling you to automatically highlight fields that may contain errors and require examination.

Processing of Tickets

Process travel tickets, checks, and traffic tickets automatically. Reduce the time spent on manual activities, eliminate typical data input errors, save money on processing, and speed up the overall process.

Recognition and processing of driver's licenses

Data from driver’s licenses and other personal identification documents can be captured and extracted. Unstructured data can be retrieved using cutting-edge OCR algorithms and document recognition machine learning technologies, regardless of the format, document type, or country of origin.

Processing of Passports/Other Identification Documents

Passport scanning automates the collecting and verification of identifying information. The simplest approach to find and process data from fields like name, gender, date of birth, passport number, country, and more is to use OCR technology.

Processing of Receipts

Use real-time automatic receipt data gathering and verification. Manage purchase validation, marketing campaigns, real-time surveys, expenditure management systems and apps, and more.
  • Developing an OCR solution for a security printing startup

    The client: a startup based in the Netherlands that develops security printing solutions to help companies resist counterfeits on the market. For an OCR and document recognition machine learning solution, the client went to Sitka.
    Developing an OCR solution for a security printing startup
  • OCR Image Analysis for Effective Ticket Processing

    InData Labs was challenged to develop a fully-functional AI-powered solution aimed at automating compensation claims processing. Our team created a mobile OCR application able to recognize, classify, and validate different types of train tickets.

    OCR Image Analysis for Effective Ticket Processing

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