Development of custom product image recognition and image analysis software.

We create sturdy custom solutions that meet your specific business requirements. With the help of established solutions, extract essential insights from your visual data.’
SITKA has almost seven years of experience in computer vision. We work with clients from various industries to help them improve their businesses by leveraging the potential of Big Data.
We have earned the trust of clients worldwide by developing and delivering high-quality custom solutions for various sectors. Our machine learning (ML) professionals have vast expertise in developing complex computer vision and product image recognition applications on demand.

We create tailored image recognition and analysis solutions for your company.

We can develop custom systems that can:

Your Plan for Project Development

Information delivery is becoming increasingly like visual recognition. It makes picture recognition, analysis, and identification systems an essential aspect of many commercial workflows. They provide process automation and labor cost reduction for the client’s business.
Businesses contact SITKA with a variety of initial inquiries. We never use a one-size-fits-all strategy, preferring to work closely with each client to find the best personalized solution. Based on the given datasets, we chart out development phases together.
Clarify the specifications

Examine the prerequisites
Make a high-level assessment

Make a proof-of-concept (Proof of Concept)

Check the concept
Prepare technical reports

Create a Prototype

Construct a solution prototype.
Conduct internal and external testing.

Begin the production and implementation process

Final system testing and live release following the approval

Provide support and upkeep

Transfer of knowledge
Support and upkeep of the customized solution

Clarify the specifications

Examine the prerequisites
Make a high-level assessment

Examine the Current App

Examine the client's application.
Investigate and evaluate problems

Create an ideal solution

Provide alternatives and develop the best solution.
Develop new bespoke features for the client's app.

Begin the production and implementation process.

Final system testing and live release following the approval

Provide support and upkeep

Transfer of knowledge
Support and upkeep of the customized solution

The solution we provide is built on cutting-edge technology and may include the use of product image recognition online APIs developed by industry leaders such as Amazon, Azure, Google, and others.

Computer Vision Technologies






YOLO, Fast RCNN, SSD, LWL, KYS, VGG, AlexNet, ResNet, UNet, FCN, DeepLab v3, HRNet, PoseNet, OpenPose, Siamese networks

How We Create Custom Image Recognition online software


We collect datasets, identify images, and annotate each unlabeled image with meta tags.


We train an algorithm to process and interpret image recognition model datasets using data that has been collected and labeled.


We give a ready-to-use machine vision image recognition model with REST API calls for working with new datasets. * (*Other transfer solution formats are possible.)

What You Can Do with It

Custom image recognition and picture analysis solutions, when implemented and integrated, enable robots to mimic human vision and the capacity to identify objects in everyday life. With low mistake rates, machine learning algorithms can recognize objects and people in raw photos.
We develop sophisticated machine learning algorithms at SITKA to power proprietary image object recognition software that collects, recognizes, analyses, and presents correct statistics.
SITKA may help your company benefit from custom image recognition service development


By developing top-notch custom solutions for various industries, we have earned the trust of clients worldwide. Our machine learning (ML) professionals have extensive expertise in developing on-demand computer vision and image recognition services. We provide solutions that are tailored to our clients' industries. Logistics, retail, media & entertainment, healthcare, and other industries are among those we support.


Using machine learning image recognition online algorithms for image processing, analyze, plan, develop, and control transferring procedures, cargo locations, routes, and so on; monitor delivery status in real-time.

Entertainment & Media

To evaluate visual recognition content, deliver extremely accurate and diversified recommendations, stimulate user interaction, and reach new audiences, get a strong bespoke solution created for your needs.

Health Information Technology

With custom computer vision software development, you may simplify medical picture processing, enable computer-aided diagnostics, enable predictive analytics and therapy, and improve mobile healthcare apps.


Retailers may improve their search experience by building image identification and analysis software solutions that will delight their customers with intelligent photo search and make it easier for them to locate items.


Robotics allows machines to execute a range of repetitive jobs more efficiently, such as object and target recognition, navigation, manufacturing and assembly, and supporting physically challenged persons through image processing techniques. Benefits



Accuracy has improved

ML algorithms powering image recognition services may automate many manual procedures, minimize errors, and increase corporate productivity.


Reduced operating costs

Eliminate easy errors and cost overruns by implementing a cost-effective custom workflow automation and acceleration solution.


Redesigned Services

Reduce the amount of time you spend on mundane chores, improve service delivery, and allocate your intellectual resources to tasks that require a human touch.


Workflow Automation

Implement bespoke recognition and analysis algorithms into your business workflow to boost staff productivity and save money with no effort.

Why should you work with SITKA?

SITKA devotes time and resources to developing the finest unique solution for each client’s visual data. We offer full-service custom picture identification and analysis software development.

Team of R&D Experts

Over the years, our team of 80+ specialists has delivered effective custom solutions.


Experts in Multiple Fields

We use our extensive experience in a variety of sectors to address your business difficulties, from brand detection and security to intelligent search and predictive analysis.


Exceptional Results

Our focus is on delivering outstanding results. We provide tailored solutions to solve specific business problems and earn our clients' trust.


We use the best technologies available on the market, and we are continually expanding our tech stack.

Customer Success

Reach out to us

Do you want to improve your existing visual recognition software or do you require a completely bespoke solution? SITKA’s staff is ready to assist you with high-quality computer vision services and tailored solutions.
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