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Player Churn Prediction Using Predictive Analytics in Games

Do you want to increase your game’s revenue and use AI in entertainment industry? With good predictive analytics solutions in games, you may detect early symptoms of user churn and boost a player’s lifetime and revenue contribution. Analyze log data and player behavior to learn more about how to make games more enjoyable and retain players. To sustain a steady income, reward high-value gamers or cross-link them to other games.

AI-based eye tracking to improve the gaming experience

Looking for a way to improve your PC gaming experience? Try custom eye-tracking and recognition software. Improve your gaming experience by using your gaze to control the in-game camera. Allow your players complete freedom of movement and immersion in the game world.

Personalization via AI Facial Emotion Recognition

Are you looking for ways to increase player retention? Try utilizing AI to recognize emotions. Using biometric facial recognition algorithms, recognize the player’s emotions and adapt the gameplay to the player’s personality and mood. Joy, fury, astonishment, hostility, and terror are among the real-time emotions that assist personalise games and optimizing the experience.

Body Movement Pose Estimation in Video Games

Pose estimation and tracking are used to collect and evaluate player motions during video games. Real-time human skeletal joint positioning, human motion identification, and analysis are all possible with this technology. Estimate players’ motions and pick the winner in sports or dance video games. AI for game development solutions can make the experience more immersive and enjoyable.

Sentiment Analysis Using Natural Language Processing

Do you want to know what gamers have to say about your AI game dev? Data from forums and social media platforms can be collected and analyzed in only a few clicks. With automatic player review analysis, you can gain insights into your game development goals and player retention methods.
To identify the direction for future game development and improvements, categorize user feedback by subjects such as UI, characters, game speed issues, music, and so on.

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Use artificial intelligence in game development to gain an advantage over your opponents.


Do you need a recommendation system to boost in-app purchases? Or perhaps you'd like to include facial recognition in your video game? Speak with one of our experts regarding AI for game development to learn how we can assist.


Artificial Intelligence for games

Do you intend to use AI in entertainment industry? Allow us to use our AI game dev experience to help your game reach the top of the charts and generate massive earnings.


Analytics for Mobile Gaming

For clever player analysis, use Machine Learning models. For player behavior prediction, extract insights from gameplay data.

Do you intend to employ development solutions of artificial intelligence for games?

AI Technology Can Help You Grow Your Gaming Business

A few instances of how Artificial Intelligence for games can be used.

Customization in-game

Analytical tools for fine-tuning AI game dev parameters that are tailored to the player.

Game Experience Booster

Artificial intelligence in game development solutions to improve gaming performance and success.

Mobile App Development with AI

Use AI in entertainment industry to improve your gaming, app performance, and efficiency.

Prediction of Player Churn

ML models to predict player churn and extend player lifespan.

AR-based Immersive Experiences

More realistic game possibilities and a true first-person experience.
Do you need to create artificial intelligence in game development?

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Game Developer Client Feedback Analytical Automation

Automated topic extraction and categorization. A renowned game developer is a client. For game makers, they required an Al approach.
Our group designed a consumer feedback platform that allows us to analyze and evaluate game terminology.

Emotion Recognition for Children's Tailored Gameplay Experience

The client is a private primary school in the United States. They wished to incorporate emotion detection into their child’s brain trainer in order to correctly assess emotions and provide individualized workouts.
The Sitka team built a robust emotion recognition system that helped them to analyze the sentiments.

Game Developer Winner Estimator Software

Evaluation of winning chances has been improved. A famous game developer is a client. They asked for an Al system that leverages statistics to forecast game outcomes.
Our team developed software that estimates winning chances and visualizes the outcomes based on process recordings, screening, and grouping data.

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