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Our expertise to improve online shopping experiences and increase conversions.

Inventory Management via Predictive Analytics

Getting the right mix of overstocks and understocks Incorporate predictive analytics into your inventory management system. You’ll remain adequately stocked and spend less money on storage by analyzing seasonal patterns, product consumption, and sales.

Improved Customer Experiences using Computer Vision

Integrate AI solutions for ecommerce and computer vision to surpass your competitors and allow your customers to shop with a camera. For a flawless purchasing experience, allow AI-based visual search in your e-store. Quick and precise item search is possible thanks to automated image detection and classification, ensuring a great shopping experience. Make your mobile app straightforward to operate and user-friendly by incorporating artificial intelligence in ecommerce.
Want to set yourself out from the competition? Add augmented reality visual effects to your mobile app with AI solutions for ecommerce. You can let your customers try on clothes, cosmetics, eyewear, and toys before they purchase them. Provide them with immersive experiences and entertainment, and they will become loyal consumers who will return for more.

Customer Analysis with Natural Language Processing

Customer sentiment analysis can help you assess the health of your brand. Analyze what your consumers have to say regarding your products in the shop and on social media, and keep track of E-commerce trends with reviews and remarks.
For quick and precise client segmentation, use AI in e-commerce. Get to know your customers better so you can deliver the finest service possible. Improve your brand’s perception and conversions.
With NLP, keep in mind the consumer gap. Obtain and analyze client feedback to learn about their difficulties and align with their objectives.

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Want to use AI in ecommerce business but don't know where to start? Or do you require a custom AI-based algorithm for retail? Speak with one of our AI solutions for ecommerce specialists to learn how we can assist.



Do you need to create an AI-powered mobile app from the ground up? Or to improve on a current one? Allow our data scientists and engineers to assist you in developing custom AI solutions for E-commerce. We have the technical expertise and commercial intelligence to make your project vision a reality.


Insights for e-commerce

With predictive analytics, you can keep track of turnover and cart rejection. To make more money from your online store, use advanced analytics.

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We uncover the magic of Artificial intelligence in ecommerce world!

Excellent customer service

Improved brand credibility and revenues through streamlined customer experiences with AI in ecommerce.

Client customization

Deals and suggestions that are appropriate to each of your consumers.

Boost in sales

Increase in earnings from analytical insights.

Outstanding data security and functionality

Outlier identification in instantaneously for your online shop.
Do you require custom AI solutions for E-commerce?

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We’ve completed numerous E-commerce initiatives and are eager to assist you with yours.

Pioneer in the field of best data analytics

We provide industry-specific and client-based technologies to help companies expand.


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We can help you identify an e-commerce solution by advising you on the optimum AI use cases in e-commerce.


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Since 2014, we've been at the forefront of technological development. Our clientele praises us for our excellence, dependability, and smart thinking.

Want to learn more about the actual role of artificial intelligence in ecommerce sector, how customers generally like to shop nowadays, and how AI might help?

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Developing an E-Commerce Network Predictive Analytics Module

Process automation and a better client experience. The client is employed in the field of e-commerce. We were tasked with developing a reliable recommendation engine so that network users could receive appropriate deals.
We were able to seamlessly implement Al-driven techniques into the client’s software as an outcome of this. This improved pose estimate reliability and allowed for detecting errors.
We gave the client custom AI solutions for E-commerce Technology system.
The client’s main advantages include:
Same user search that is programmed.
Individual suggestions.

A Shopping Mobile App using AR Technology

The number of purchases increased by 30%. The client operates an online optical shop. They wanted to give their promotional strategy a fresh twist.
Our team studied E-commerce marketing techniques and suggested they employ augmented reality to showcase their items. We’ve created an E-commerce system centered on computer vision that allows for eye recognition and visual effects compositing.

E-commerce Grocery Application with Smart Visual Search

The client is a major European supermarket company. For supermarket shopping, they have a mobile application. They requested assistance from the Sitka team with visual search functionality.
Collaboration with us assisted our clients in the following manner:
• Visual search that’s incredibly automated.
• Product suggestions that are similar.
• Enhanced the efficiency of the app.

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