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The Cooperation Manual is a quality control document that explains fundamental ideas, protocols, and standardized working techniques throughout various stages of a program’s life span. The program cycle alludes to a program’s entire life cycle, from conception to execution and completion. The CM’s goal is to make techniques and assistance more effective in assisting our Development Partners in achieving development goals.

This infographic will reveal:
  • Establishing a greater emphasis on outcomes in development cooperation. Harmonizing contribution with Partner goals as reflected in poverty reduction policies and other
  • applicable national planning policies, and, to the extent practicable, integrating with Partner strategy, execution, and evaluation processes and structures.
  • Contribution to Partnership competence building in terms of program planning, implementation, and monitoring, as well as reporting on accomplishments.
  • Endorsing for and actively pursuing funding through different forms of collaborative financial structures, as well as researching options for delegated cooperation.
  • transaction fees, including conducting evaluations and reviews in partnership with others when necessary.

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