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Cookie Policy

Welcome to Sitka Cookie Policy.
This Cookie Policy will explain how we utilize cookies whenever you visit our website, as well as the reasons for doing so. This Cookie Policy is presented in a layered style to make it easier to comprehend as you progress through the various sections below.

What exactly is a cookie?

When you browse our website, a cookie is a little text file that is downloaded to your laptop or other electronic equipment.

Cookies are classified into several categories

Cookies come in a number of different forms:
The server that set the cookie determines whether it is “first-party” or “third-party”. Cookies established by us that are currently being viewed by you are known as first-party cookies (e.g. cookies placed by www.sitka.Ai).
Session cookies are used to connect your activity to our site during a single browsing visit. These disappear when you shut your browser and are no longer stored on your device.
Cookies that remain on your computer between browsing visits are known as Persistent cookies. These enable us to retain your interests or activity on our site. These will stay in your computer’s memory until they expire or you remove them.
Strictly necessary cookies are required for you to explore and enjoy the functionalities of our website. The solutions you have requested could not be performed without these cookies.
Cookies that gather data about how you use our site, such as which pages you visit most frequently, are known as Performance cookies. These cookies do not gather any data about you that can be used to identify you. All data obtained by these cookies is consolidated and anonymized, and it is solely used to enhance the functionality of our site.
Functionality cookies enable our website to retain your settings (such as login, language, previous activity, and search options) and offer enriched personalized services. These cookies acquire impersonal data and cannot trace your surfing activity on other sites.

On sitka.Ai, which cookies do we employ?

In the tables below, you’ll find additional info about the cookies we use and the reasons for which we use them:

Yandex Metrica

Yandex Metrica Oy Limited Company, Moreenikatu 6, 04600 Mantsala, Finland, provides Metrica, a website analytics service. Yandex assesses your activities, Metrica employs “cookies,” which are little text files deposited on your system. Cookies do not disclose your identification, however, they can assist us in improving the functioning of our website. Cookies will seek data about your use of this site, which will be sent to Yandex and retained on Yandex servers in the EU and Russia.
Yandex will use your info to evaluate the way you use the site, generate analyses on its functioning, and supply other services to us. Yandex processes this information as specified in the Terms of Use of Yandex.Metrica Service. You can disable cookies on your device by making the necessary changes. You can also use the tool

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a website analytics service that Google, Inc. offers. Google Analytics places a cookie on your computer in order to track how you use our site and produce data for us. Google Analytics offers us JavaScript tags (libraries) when we browse across web pages to receive data about the webpage you’ve seen, such as the URL of the page. You can disable cookies on your computer by changing the necessary options. You can also use the tool


AutopilotHQ, Inc. (“Autopilot”) offers technology as a solution plan that provides:
(a) a network with a variety of programs and solutions to manage sales & marketing operations (the provision of which depends on the program and any add-ons that you choose; for more details, go to;
(b) ancillary goods and services (collectively, the “Service”).
The link provided may be useful in understanding AutopilotHQ’s cookie policy:

How to disable cookies?

Without cookies, some functions of our site will not function. Furthermore, turning off other cookies may have a significant impact on your ability to use our website. Please review your cookie options in the section below.
Strictly Necessary cookies are always activated.
You can modify your browser options to prevent cookies from being collected if you don’t want to receive them. Kindly be informed that you may miss part of the website’s features if you do so. These settings are normally located in your web browser’s ‘tools’ or ‘preferences’ section. The links provided may be useful in understanding these variables. Alternatively, your web browser’s ‘Help’ button should suffice.
Cookie settings in Internet Explorer–
Cookie settings in Firefox–
Cookie settings in Opera
Cookie settings in Google Chrome
Cookie settings in Safari
How can you get in touch with us?
If you have any queries concerning this cookie policy or the details we have about you, make sure to contact us or our Data Protection Officer.
Here are all of our contact information:
You have the authority to file a complaint with the Office of the Commissioner for Individual Data Security, the data security regulatory entity, at any point. We would, though, like the opportunity to address any issues before you contact the Commissioner’s Office, so please feel free to contact us first.

Modifications to this policy

This edition was last upgraded on (date), and we may provide you with older versions if you contact us.

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