Development of Customer Sentiment Analysis Solutions

Learn how customers feel about your company and attract additional customers through customer sentiment analysis NLP.

Make your most significant tool your reputation

Consumers trust internet reviews as much as personal recommendations, according to 88 percent of respondents. Then don’t dismiss customer feedback sentiment analysis. The first objective for Sitka is to provide you with a one-of-a-kind tailored solution that will help you excel at growing your online brand image.
Customers have turned to social media sites to express themselves through customer feedback analysis using NLP. And, that is the most comprehensive source of customer sentiment analysis NLP data that can help your company build game-changing products and improve service delivery.
Sitka builds unique text analysis and opinion mining systems from the ground up using a variety of data formats and sizes. We use our cross-domain expertise to create custom big data solutions that are tailored to our client’s specific business needs and data.

Examine Customer Sentiments Using Machine Learning

The customer feedback analysis using NLP is an important part of social listening. It allows you to perform a fast health check on public perception of your brand and determine if it is in the green or red zone.
We assist businesses of all sizes in leveraging machine learning capabilities for open-text responses and brand discussions in order to uncover and track consumer sentiment data.
Our solutions can also be used to compare your brand’s strengths and shortcomings to those of competitors, as well as to identify potential reputation concerns before they become public.

"The Customer's Voice" Sitka develops solutions.

Sitka consumer sentiment data integrate advanced linguistic algorithms with machine learning. You can use them to figure out whether a piece of writing is good, negative, or neutral. They’ll also show you whether a customer is pleased, unhappy, distressed, satisfied, and so on.
The value for a company comes from the solution application possibilities for learning how the intended audience feels about a product, trend, topic, brand, and more. This can save businesses a significant amount of time and money that would otherwise be spent on normal research and cold contact.

Opportunities Available to You

You can benefit from our consumer sentiment data solutions in the following ways:

Keep an eye on specific keywords on the social web.

Remove irrelevant information and content

Discover Customer Message Topics and Sentiment

Respond quickly to any product or service alerts


What You Can Do With Our Solution

Within their enterprises, our clients use our sentiment analysis products to help with activities like:

Key Advantages


Get Real-Time Information

Use our unique sentiment analysis systems to detect emotions in text and track consumer happiness across the web.

Improve Your Services

Obtain a comprehensive picture of consumer satisfaction. Improve and sustain the excellent level of service you provide to your consumers.

Lower Customer Turnover

Determine the source of client dissatisfaction as soon as feasible. You’ll be able to deliver excellent service and calm heated situations in order to keep consumers.

Recognize Customer Opinion Shifts

Detect declines and increases in brand optimism. Keep an eye on the trends and how your clients react when they contact you.

Why Should You Work With Sitka?

We make it simple for you to possess fantastic sentiment analysis software.

Adaptable Solutions

We don’t settle for second best. Our customer sentiment analysis NLP solutions are customized to meet the unique requirements of our customers and the nature of their data.

Scalable Outcomes

We make preparations for the future. Our solutions will evolve with your company, expanding your capabilities over time.

Models that are cutting-edge

To train efficient algorithms inspired by biological neural processes, we use convolutional neural networks.


Automating Customer Feedback sentiment Analysis for a Leading Game Developer
The Client is a global game developer and publisher with a global audience of more than 150 million people. Our team created a customer feedback sentiment analysis solution for the client that allowed them to download and evaluate all of the evaluations from YouTube and forums in real-time.
Now, as soon as the new release goes online, the Client’s team has all of the essential information and can respond to their players’ feedback as quickly as possible, eliminating a lengthy review retrieval process.

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