Software Development for Computer Vision

With machine learning algorithms for robust computer vision solutions such as image analysis, object detection, and video analysis, we are available to assist you in adding value to your business.

Expertise in Computer Vision

Our team of computer vision software developers creates specialized solutions that:

Detection, tracking, and labeling of objects

We use visual data to derive insights for various purposes, including medical image processing, virtual try-on, and visual search.

Visual Search-Based Recommender Systems

Personalize offers and boost consumer engagement and loyalty via recommender systems.

Defect Detection Through Visual Inspection

We have automated visual inspection systems for finding flaws on the assembly line and detecting cargo damage.

Data capture and OCR

For document process automation, custom data collection and extraction technologies were built.

Pose Prediction

Track and evaluate human movement and activity, as well as provide feedback on users’ workouts.

Automated Surveillance Video Analysis

We create real-time video analytics systems for detecting aggressive conduct.

Development of Computer Vision Software to Meet Your Needs

Computer Vision Software Development for Your Needs

For automatic image tagging, use multi-object detection models.

Convolutional neural networks are used to teach machines how to recognize distinct items and to train algorithms to automatically identify persons and objects in images. E-commerce companies and social media platforms can benefit greatly from multi-object detection. It can be utilized in retail, logistics, and the supply chain to improve the consumer experience.
Do you require a unique image recognition model?

Image Segmentation Models Extract More Insights from Visual Data

Image segmentation divides an image into meaningful portions so that machines may understand, process, and analyze it more easily.
Object tracking, medical image processing, face recognition, and other applications can all benefit from picture segmentation.
Do you require assistance with your image analysis project?

Our Pose Estimation Model will help you create better experiences

One of the most pressing topics in today’s computer vision community is human pose estimate.
Our staff is ready to provide you with a posture estimation model that you may use in your app or any other third-party application. Its goal is to forecast, identify, and track a person’s presence and movement in order to assist you to give better services.

With OCR and data capture, you can automate manual and repetitive tasks.

Businesses deal with large amounts of data regularly, and the volume is rapidly increasing. Data capture, retrieval, and extraction services have become critical components of many organizations’ workflows.
We provide high-end computer vision consulting technologies that discover, capture, and extract data from unstructured documents automatically, reducing the need for manual procedures.
Please contact us to evaluate your potential solution.

With Image Similarity Search, you may use product matching and provide accurate recommendations.

Customers can use image similarity search to identify comparable products throughout the web-based on visual features like color, shape, texture, and so on. In the era of big data, which organizations use to flourish, this technology is becoming increasingly vital.
We’ll show you how to use product-matching and recommendation technology to more effectively deal with large amounts of unstructured data, boost ROI, avoid cost overruns, and add value to your work.

With the Generative Adversarial Network, you can create unique content (GAN).

GAN can help animation, entertainment, and other visual content creation businesses come up with new ways to analyze data. It can turn sketches into realistic scenarios, create people or scenes that are comparable to the originals, autocorrect errors in drawings, simulate and animate body dynamics, and produce 3D things from images.
For photos, GAN is utilized:

Increase brand awareness with a logo detection and monitoring solution.

Based on the collection of categories used to train a custom algorithm, object detection techniques make it easier to identify the presence and location of objects in an image.
We provide machine learning-based logo detection tools to businesses and individuals. Our systems automate real-time brand logo detection in images and broadcast video streams, as well as provide precise brand visibility data.

Object Segmentation in 3D Point Clouds: Harness Big Data

In 3D modeling, point clouds are used to create accurate models of real-world objects or scenes. For computer graphics, virtual reality, and communication, this technology is in high demand.
Our computer vision developers and infrastructure architects will assist you in quickly and easily creating immersive 3D models of the physical world.

Software Development for Computer Vision


Data Validation

We examine and evaluate the information given. Clean and rename it if necessary.

Optimization and Design

We may create and optimize a solution for specific platforms and devices based on the needs of the client.

Creating an App

We create robust artificial intelligence computer vision systems that are tailored to your company’s specific requirements.

Integration of systems

We assist the client in integrating artificial intelligence vision systems into their system and provide post-production assistance.

Development Tools for artificial intelligence vision systems

To assist you in overcoming your issues, we use the most up-to-date techniques and technology for artificial intelligence vision systems development.

Deep Learning


Computer Vision


Software Development

Implementing a custom-built solution will provide value, streamline the workflow, and make challenging tasks easier.


With custom-built computer vision systems, you can get a lot of practical benefits with little effort.

Processes that are simpler and faster.

Automate a number of work activities to expedite product inspection.



Enhance the profitability of your services and products by cutting costs.


Higher precision

Reduce errors and improve the accuracy of data-driven activities.


Exceptional outcomes

Streamline the work process and improve customer service quality.

Why Should You Work With Us?

We make it simple to create high-quality machine vision software. Learn why you should partner with us for the future of computer vision systems.

Models of Complex Computer Vision consulting

To train efficient algorithms inspired by biological neural processes, we use convolutional neural networks.


Solutions that are adaptable.

We don't settle for second best. Our solutions are suited to our customer's requirements and the nature of their data.


Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Our top machine learning engineers, consultants, and infrastructure architects collaborate to deliver the best results for our clients.


A Highly Skilled Group

We strive for excellence in everything we do in order to provide our customers with best-in-class for the future of computer vision consulting development solutions.

Customers’ satisfaction


Improve Cargo Security with an Object Capturing Model

The client asked Sitka to create a solution that might address the following issues:
As a result, the Client received an object segmentation model for capturing objects and improved point cloud data processing.

Predicting Horse Performance During Races Using Image Capturing

Sitka was tasked with creating a Windows 10-based tablet desktop application that used internal and external cameras to take photographs of available horses. The information gathered was used to forecast horse performance during races.
Our team was successful in developing high-quality future computer vision systems that satisfy the Client’s requirements and exceed their expectations.

Developing a Face ID solution based on deep learning to improve security

Our customers required facial recognition skills in order to develop a highly secure Face ID solution.
Our goal was to create a system that used deep learning algorithms to match a snapshot with a real-time acquired image or video stream of varying lengths to identify an individual.
The end outcome was a Python-based proof of concept and project consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

A typical vision computer system costs around $15k and can go up to $50k or more. Because each project is unique, the project pricing is determined by the scope, complexity, data availability, domain, and deadline.

We can complete the following tasks using computer vision technology:

  • Visual search
  • Brand logo detection
  • Facial recognition
  • Pose estimation
  • Motion analysis
  • Image segmentation
  • Object detection

Scikit-image, PyTorch, Tensorflow, CoreML, OpenCV, Open3D, OpenCL

Our business advisors and data scientists will assist you in determining the feasibility of your idea. We’ll look over the criteria and come up with a solution using a vision computer system to solve your business problem.

We specialize in retail/eCommerce, wellness & fitness, healthcare, logistics, marketing & advertising, fintech, entertainment, and gaming, but we can apply our computer vision skills to any business challenge.

We do not keep your information. Your information is handled locally.

We begin by analyzing the needs and providing an estimate. We choose the development model and form the team during the project setup. We are switching to agile project development (progress reporting during each iteration and testing). After that, we do final testing and collect comments. Following the completion of the project, post-project support is available.

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