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We create brands that can’t be overlooked.
This is our butter and bread (and sometimes our tea). We’ve mastered the art of creating a new brand or reinvigorating an existing one. For the past years, we’ve been creating bold, resonant, and electrifying brands. And, while our branding clients range from small businesses to major corporations such as Facebook and Microsoft, our formula for success is fundamentally the same. It’s a highly collaborative approach that starts with a lot of introspection and discovery, then moves on to exploring strategic and creative choices before launching (or relaunching) an authentic brand that can’t be ignored.


The kick-off meeting may be accompanied by any mixture of stakeholder interviews, questionnaires, market research, competitive analysis, and content strategy, depending on the nature of the project. A creative brief is written and approved in every scenario.


The messaging and positioning framework is created with a clear grasp of the company’s mission and vision. This internal document, which has been improved through many review rounds, will act as the brand’s strategic foundation. All messages will be unified around a single tone and voice.


Market research isn’t appropriate for every project. When funds and time allow, we’ll work with our research partners, who offer a wide range of study approaches. The knowledge collected from this endeavor helps us to make better decisions, speed up consensus, and confirm that we’re on the correct track.


The new brand identity is formalized in a style guide after it is finalized. This guide explains how to apply the new brand assets correctly and consistently. Our brand guides are nearly entirely digitally developed, allowing us and our clients to update and expand the guide on a regular basis.


After laying the groundwork, we can focus on the visual manifestation of the brand’s evolving identity. We start by looking at and presenting a variety of design options. After a direction is chosen, it is polished through a succession of creative review rounds before being finalized for use and launch.


Only by adopting a new brand identity internally will it succeed internationally. As a result, we collaborate with our clients to create both internal and external launch strategies, such as new business forms, signs, and sales and marketing assets. Our collaboration does not end there.

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