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With scalable Big data analytics consulting solutions, you can unleash the power of data intelligence.

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Services for Big Data Analytics in Digital Transformation

With real-time Big data analytics for small business, you can make analytical processes quicker and more efficient.

Analyze the Architecture

Enhancement of Architecture


Pipelines for Big Data


Data Visualization and Analysis

Use Cases for Big Data Analytics development

Implement strong big data analytics consulting services and capabilities to tackle problems across industries and improve decision support at each level of the business.
  • Monetary services

    Using big data solutions in finance, you can stay on top of all financial transactions. To provide customized services, and track customer purchasing trends. With proper risk analysis, you can stay on top of market fluctuations. Enhance credit quality and approval rates by leveraging analytical capabilities.

    • Regulation and risk analytics
    • Segmentation of customers
    • Upselling and cross-selling
    • Managing sales and marketing campaigns
    • Creditworthiness assessment
  • Energy, Feedstock, and Utilities

    Meet the needs of the present by harnessing real-time energy analytics. Ensure peak performance of your equipment and infrastructure to prevent power outages. Deploy a smart load system and balance energy demand with optimal power supply.

    • Power usage analytics
    • Seismic data processing
    • Carbon emissions and trading
    • Customer-specific pricing
    • Smart grid management
    • Energy demand and supply prediction.
  • Travel and Hospitality

    Looking for a disruption to maximize financial results? Adopt a data-first strategy for your business to promote customer loyalty. Set tailored hotel or ticket prices to meet different levels of demand. Spot your weaknesses and manage brand reputation by monitoring customer feedback online.

    • Aircraft scheduling
    • Dynamic pricing
    • Social media – сonsumer feedback and interaction analysis
    • Customer complaint resolution
    • Traffic patterns and congestion management.
  • Retail

    Lagging behind your competitors? Establish a data-driven strategy and leave competitors behind. Uncover hidden opportunities of yield increase and predict future customer buying habits. Attract new customers> and retain regulars with personalized offers and on-point recommendations.

    • Predictive inventory planning
    • Recommendation engines
    • Upsell and cross channel marketing
    • Market segmentation and targeting
    • Customer ROI and lifetime value
    • Customer service analytics.

How We Can Assist You in Growing Your Business

To stay ahead of the competition, create data stories and generate breakthrough insights.

Data Administration

Allow our specialists to demonstrate the value of high-quality data. We assist our clients in establishing a strong data framework as a leading Big data analytics and artificial intelligence firm. Our engineers have extensive experience in collecting, storing and organizing company data using cutting-edge technology.

Services for Data Warehouses

To maintain data consistency, use our big data consulting services. We help our clients with a comprehensive range of DWH processes, including data warehouse deployment, upgrades, and migration. SITKA engineers can also design a complete DWH solution or provide advice on how to improve present DWH performance.

Enterprise Data Management using DataOps

To support your big data consulting services, we combine the best agile principles with data analytics. Our DataOps services help businesses automate and streamline data flows, allowing them to gain valuable insights. DataOps also modernizes the data life cycle, from data retrieval through analysis, by establishing a single data flow.

Big Data Artificial Intelligence

To uncover actionable insights and automate decision-making, we connect your data ecosystem with intelligent algorithms. Smart systems also enable you to process large amounts of data and use advanced analytics capabilities such as augmented or predictive analytics. From deep learning models to Robotic Process Automation, we design all forms of AI capabilities at SITKA.

Solutions for Business Intelligence and Analytics

SITKA's business intelligence and analytics services assist companies in transforming data into intelligent visuals. We use sophisticated BI technologies and create custom platforms to boost your company's intellectual vitality. With our BI services, you can make informed decisions and manage end-to-end operations from data storage to delivery.


Data Science

SITKA provides data science services that incorporate Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning. To handle your data difficulties, our team of skilled data scientists produces sophisticated analytical modules. With our data science knowledge, you can better respond to market shifts and client needs.

Ways we can support you in growing your business

To stay ahead of the competition, create data stories and generate breakthrough insights.

Improved decision-making abilities

Remove the guesswork and make educated decisions in the future.


Forecasting and monitoring in real-time for increased ROI and income.


Problem-solving initiative

Real-time detection of possible failure and asset breakdown causes.


Improved customer service

Create customized consumer offers depending on their preferences.

Capabilities for advanced analytics

Methods and tools for predicting future trends at a high level.


Risk reduction

Risks were reduced by scaling and speeding up difficult judgments.

Big Data Analytics Tools & Technologies


Why should you work with SITKA?

All of our offerings place a premium on customer satisfaction with our big data development services.

Experts' Group

Your Big data project will be handled by a team of 80+ specialists who will develop a powerful data-focused solution tailored to your needs.

Big Data Market Leader

SITKA supports numerous industries in hassle-free data transformation as a top-rated Big data and analytics cloud consultancy.

High-Quality Options

We keep the bar high and produce performant, value-laden solutions with new functionality, regardless of the complexity.

Customer Success stories

Discover how legitimate analytics helps our customers.


Data-focused solutions are developed by big data analytics and artificial intelligence providers for a variety of sectors and application factors. Because data-driven solutions are fundamental, they may be used in practically any sector. They can be used to find underlying regularities in retail and to reduce logistical transportation costs.

Finance, medical, and education are all places where data intelligence is used. Industrial and natural resources industries are also embracing big data analytics consulting to help them make better choices and manage requirements. Other businesses that could benefit from it include public services and finance.

You require a Big Data solution because:

  • The volume of data pouring in poses technical and financial hurdles.
  • Your company’s data does not provide business intelligence.
  • You’d like to improve your current data network.
  • It’s time to increase your present data set.
  • You have a bunch of low data that is wasted.
  • You want to find more cost-effective data analytics methods.
  • You’re on the lookout for untapped company prospects and inefficient operations.
  • Your data has a particular application in mind.


Big data for innovation has one overarching goal: to find insights, correlations, and unseen linkages in massive datasets. Analytical solutions may deal with any type of information, structured or unstructured. They also assist in the big data development services of new company possibilities and the most effective operational measures.

The basic element for AI-enabled technologies to uncover relevant information from your information is big data analytics and artificial intelligence. You can more readily adopt sophisticated analytics features, such as integrated or predictive analytics, with this combination.

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