Services for Back-End Development

We create scalable on-premise and cloud based mobile app development, online, desktop, and IoT systems that scale with your changing business requirements.

What can we do to assist you?

Enterprise Backends with.NET and Java

We rely on established and true methods. As the solution’s backbone, you’ll use.NET and Java.
Our android backend development team creates scalable distributed systems and designs reliable and maintainable data-intensive applications that align with your company’s major goals and ensure its efficiency using these dependable technologies.

SPA Development using Mean Stack and Node.js

We create event-driven online back ends and real-time communication systems using MongoDB with NoSQL data structure and Node.js development skills.
By doing so, we are able to move a powerful piece of logic to a rich JavaScript client that is extremely interactive and flexible thanks to asynchronous input/output.

Back-end application development

Building scalable, fault-tolerant mobile backend for business systems, sophisticated web applications, IoT infrastructure, VoIP solutions, and web portals, to name a few, are among our mobile app backend development services.
We can also assist you with integrating third-party services and apps with your old system.
Full-cycle Back-end programming
Our team has over two decades of android backend development, back-end application development, mobile app back-end development, and back-end system integration experience.

Infrastructure, migration, and solutions for the cloud based mobile app development

We create back-end solutions with elastic computing capacity, allowing your system to scale naturally with the greatest cloud based mobile app development platforms in the business. We can also assist you with migrating your legacy back-end systems to public, private, or hybrid clouds.

Audit of the technical backend.

We can undertake a full mobile backend audit, discover inefficiencies, and overhaul your infrastructure, architecture, coding, and data schemas to help you optimize your existing application or convert a legacy system to a new environment.

Back-end development for mobile apps

Mobile app Backend development for enterprise mobile apps, smart devices, wearables, multimedia distributing mobile solutions, mobile messengers, social networks, and more are among the services we provide.
The server and business logic of your project will be handled by our back-end development team. By creating a sophisticated back end, we will ensure that all relevant data is accurately synchronized across numerous devices and platforms. It will scale to suit your demands on-demand, perform quickly, interface seamlessly with third-party services, and store your data securely and reliably.

Backends for the Internet of Things

We create IoT back-end platforms that allow you to manage your IoT fleet, streamline workflows, and orchestrate your whole IoT system and business activities with ease.
Our android backend development solutions will assist you in capturing various heterogeneous sensor signals from connected devices or industrial equipment sensors, feeding them into your system, and generating analytical reports, among other things.

What You Will Receive

Newest Technology

We use powerful, battle-tested technologies and do constant architecture and tech refinement in tandem with load testing to assure smooth mobile backend development for each solution.


Sitka's mobile app backend development teams create scalable backend solutions that grow with your business.

Security from beginning to conclusion

Our back-end solutions are built with the most trustworthy mechanisms (ensuring data security in transit and at rest) and can securely transmit data between various components of your systems or apps.


We use the latest technologies available on the market and go on enriching our tech stack.

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