Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Manufacturing

Online ride-hailing platforms, or mobility-on-demand systems as discussed by Alonso-Mora et al. (2017), have become a feasible option to offer more timely and individualized transportation services.

Our Expertise

We provide artificial intelligence in automotive manufacturing to automakers who use 3D computer vision to make data-driven choices at every level of the manufacturing process.

Quick Design Studies Geometry Optimisation

Problem: Developing a high-performance geometry design is difficult and dangerous. Manufacturers frequently employ simulations to help them create a solid design. However, solving complex load scenarios takes a lot of time and computational resources.
Deep learning algorithms can be used to improve the design of complicated geometries. Geometry artificial intelligence in automotive manufacturing enables safe product design through real-time simulation while lowering costs and reducing engineering effort.

Data Analysis for Smart Design Engineering

Issue: To stay competitive and compliant, automotive manufacturers run complicated simulations and go through several design iterations. These needs necessitate the automated processing of large amounts of data and the extraction of useful insights.
Quick fix: Use machine learning technologies to automate the simulation results processing. An end-to-end data pipeline manages massive amounts of data and generates useful insights such as simulation parameters.

Automated Defect Detection via Visual Inspection

Difficulty: To ensure vehicle longevity and reliability, high-quality standards are required. Manual inspection, on the other hand, is error-prone and costly, lowering the accuracy of malfunction analysis.
Simple answer: 3D geometry-based vision systems for non-destructive visual testing, allowing for reliable and automated quality assessment. This artificial intelligence in automotive manufacturing solutions increases production efficiency and ensures traceability with minimal human intervention.

Our Crash Simulation Projects

AI in automotive industry, AI and simulation-driven design produce faster outcomes and more efficient products without sacrificing accuracy.

Geometry Optimisation Using RL

Working with us, our clients get optimized geometry for enhanced crash behavior. We parametrize the model in consideration and use RL to optimize the geometry. This allows for increased energy absorption in crash analysis.

Manufacturing Issues We Resolve

Artificial intelligence skills can revolutionize your manufacturing process.
Reduce costs and increase productivity by automating monitoring operations.
  • Deep learning for visual defect identification
  • Tracking objects
  • Preventing forklift collisions
  • Data from an analog gauge
  • On-site safety measures have been strengthened.
Minimize dangers and enhance manufacturing operations by predicting crucial future outcomes.
  • Servicing that is planned ahead of time
  • Detecting anomalies
  • Preventing workplace accidents
  • Demand forecasting
  • Designing for warehouse capacity
Reduce administrative burdens by facilitating regulatory consistency.
  • Automated search of SOP documentation
Transfer text-based procedures to the cloud and boost documentation efficiency.
  • Document processing software
  • Invoice processing software

Advantages for Your Company

To be competitive in the complicated AI in automotive industry, you’ll need exceptional AI capabilities.

Data-driven Manufacturing Procedures


Increased Manufacturing Productivity


Operational Costs Have Dropped


Designing Advanced Simulations


Management of Quality Issues in a Proactive Manner


Enhanced Operational Safety

Our Services

Combine the power of AI with the manufacturing of automobiles.


Do you need a reliable AI-based solution but aren’t sure where to begin? Or are you seeking a custom model for analyzing large amounts of data? To obtain expert guidance, contact our AI experts.


For smarter operational analysis, use Machine Learning models and Big Data development. To avoid asset downtimes, extract important insights from operational data.

AI advancement

Are you looking for a custom AI solution to help you provide better products? Get a bespoke smart solution by kicking off AI development with our expertise.

Post-Production Assistance

After your solution goes live, make sure it performs at its best and meets changing needs. During the post-production stage, our staff monitors and maintains your software.

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Bringing intelligence and technology closer together.

A Top-Rated AI Firm

With a global presence and strong expertise, Sitka is one of the leading automotive AI firms in 2021.



We keep up with the most recent AI auto developments. We focus on our clients' individual demands and develop AI automotive solutions that solve their problems.


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To ensure the success of your project, you'll need effective communication, precise deadlines, and unique ideas.

Questions Frequently Asked

AI in automotive industry is numerous and groundbreaking. They pervade every stage of production, including:
Maintenance that is planned ahead of time
Inspection of quality using deep learning and computer vision
Worker security
Management of asset performance
Monitoring supplier performance
Energy conservation
In the automotive sector, AI and machine learning are beneficial when:
Fast invention cycles are required by manufacturers.
High-quality production requires intelligent automation.
Companies are falling behind on system and component data Automotive production has a high cost of operation.
Others, as well as a safer work environment, are required.
Intelligent algorithm development, training, and deployment are difficult tasks that can be hindered by the following technical constraints:
The algorithms of machine learning are obscure.
Algorithm testing that is lengthy and repeated Simulator development and implementation are hampered by a lack of data and competence.
Time and cost to market are unpredictable.
Sitka, as one of the top AI automotive solutions firms, offers experienced advice on AI automotive solutions for the automobile sector. Our AI developers will walk you through the process of digital transformation and make AI in automotive deployment quick and painless.

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