Software Development for Automated Invoice Processing

Streamline data extraction from any style of the invoice, eliminate human data entry, and combine our unique solutions with your existing accounting software.
With minimal effort, make your invoice processing processes quick and error-free. Automate repetitive tasks and delegate verification functions to workers. Meet the needs and elements of your company’s business process.
SITKA builds unique, automated invoice processing software solutions from the ground up. We create customized solutions that save you time and money while improving your overall performance.
This is an example of a project we completed on demand for one of our clients, a large European shipping company with over 10,000 papers in its filing system.
Send us a request to view the fundamental capabilities of a computer vision and OCR invoice capture system that we can design for you based on your business needs.

The Future of Invoice Processing Is AI-Powered

We provide solutions that turn into valuable assets for businesses wishing to automate data extraction. You are one click away from trying out a free demo if it resonates with your business concerns.
OCR Invoice capture processing can be submitted in the following formats: Doc, Excel, PDF, PNG, or JPEG. A high-quality digital file, scanned/printed/written document, or an image with interference can all be used as input. Bring it in to the system for data collection and retrieval.
To facilitate the processing of data-rich documents, we use computer vision technology and invoice capture OCR tools. You can be confident that you’re using the best approaches and tools for your OCR invoice capture processing needs when you use our AI-based software.

Take Advantage of the Automated Invoice Processing software solutions

By using bespoke invoice capture OCR processing software, you can say goodbye to tedious manual labor.

An Economical Approach

A variety of actions in the invoice data capture processing workflow can be automated to reduce the expenses of manual operations.


Extremely Fast

In seconds, you may extract every invoice capture OCR processing data. Allow AI-powered systems to complete jobs several times faster than humans.

Results with high precision

Reduce data entry errors and increase the accuracy of customer, vendor, pricing, item quantity, and data retrieval.

Accessible Information

All important information is at your fingertips. For each subsequent use, extract data from invoices in a machine-readable format.

Easy Integration

We provide an API and a solution that allows you to integrate the retrieved data into your current accounting software.

Why should you work with Sitka?

A Highly Skilled Group

In our industry, we have a team of over 80 experts. Our machine learning engineers have worked on projects including computer vision and invoice data capture OCR.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Our tech stack is increasing, and our team has great technical know-how in the area. That is what allows us to provide the best possible services and solutions to our clients.

Exceptional Results

We create automated invoice processing software to assist our clients in improving data accuracy, reducing input errors, reducing manual duties, and increasing productivity.
  • Invoice Data Capture Software and Machine Learning Implementation Consulting

    The Client's organization needed help integrating machine learning (ML) into a proprietary intelligent document recognition solution.

    We advised the Client on how to improve the existing document processing software and provided approaches for acquiring invoice OCR software for invoice data capture and tax return recognition and processing using machine learning.

    Invoice Data Capture Software and Machine Learning Implementation Consulting
  • OCR-Based Solution to Retrieve Data from Receipts

    The Client’s was looking for data extraction services to enhance apps for business with the use of machine learning.

    We assisted the Client with processes automation in the field of data extraction. The Client received a solution, based on optical character recognition, capable of eliminating time-consuming and error-prone work. That included processing data on financial transactions from receipts.

    OCR-Based Solution to Retrieve Data from Receipts

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