Customized AI solutions consulting to help your company thrive

Advisory and programming solutions in artificial intelligence to help you become a pioneer in your sector.
To assist organizations in developing AI-driven services and solutions, we successfully leverage machine learning techniques and algorithms. Our workforce has a wealth of experience in creating, executing, and embedding AI solutions consulting technologies into the corporate world of our clients.

Our Data Science experience in Action


Big Data Analytics

The practice of evaluating large amounts of data to reveal information such as hidden structures, correlations, and industry trends is known as big data analytics.


NLP & Text Analysis

Text analytics is an artificial intelligence (AI) technique that employs natural language processing (NLP) to convert the free (unorganized) text in documents and database systems into normalized, structured data suitable for analysis or as input to machine learning (ML) algorithms.

Computer Vision

It is an artificial intelligence field that teaches computers to analyze and comprehend images.

Predictive Analytics

Data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques are used in predictive analytics to determine the predictions depending on previous information.

Data Capture / OCR

Our OCR software is an incredibly intelligent, efficient, and scalable data capture and document processing solution that translates the data stored on paper-based or digital into business-ready data.

BI Implementation

Implementing business intelligence gives you fast access to all key data and allows you to make proactive instead of reactive business decisions.

Data scientists and machine learning experts of the highest caliber

We work with companies of various kinds, from startups to major corporations. Entrepreneurs, irrespective of their size, encounter common obstacles when implementing new data programs, according to our expertise.
Our clients either don’t have their own data science squads or have people that are too insufficient to handle all of the requirements in an ever-growing company’s atmosphere.
You’ll save energy hunting for brilliant expertise when you use Sitka. From the start, our community of international data scientists, AI solutions consulting specialists, strategists, and machine learning engineers will provide technical expertise to your venture.

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Models of Adaptive Partnership

Strong experience developing and supporting AI solutions development services and solutions.


Creative Methodology

Creative methods combined with the newest AI recommendations techniques and skills.


Thorough understanding

Thorough AI recommendations understanding and domain expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.

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What We Deliver

Sitka’s specialized AI implementation strategy and AI Software Development offerings assist our clients to overcome challenging problems and improve their overall productivity.

Data Science & Analytics


Data Strategy


Business Intelligence


AI Software Development


Artificial Intelligence Consulting


Data Engineering & Architecture

We also provide customer satisfaction advisory programs to assist our clients to build their businesses. We can support you if you require skilled advisors or wish to improve your customer relationship management system.

We Successfully Cooperate With Different

teams in your organization


Data Science Groups

If a business currently has a data science group, we can add value by offering deep knowledge in specific AI implementation strategy subfields like computer vision, natural language processing, and business intelligence.


Teams of data engineers

Your firm's main skill may not be machine learning. In this situation, we collaborate with your current technical team to develop an ML framework API that meets all of your objectives and specifications. This allows your staff to concentrate on their major objectives rather than learning a new skill.


Departments of organization

This form of partnership frequently begins with the creation of a business department's proof of concept. Stakeholders are usually non-technical individuals with "noteworthy" objectives. To accomplish difficult outcomes, we engage directly with them to decompose these objectives into basic sequence, outline and evaluate use cases and give the optimal approach for each.

Our Problem-Solving Techniques



Analyzing your present strengths and setting future objectives to offer AI recommendations solutions, resources, and structure suggestions.


Establish the usefulness of ML algorithms for your issue by executing a small-scale method.


Modifications to previously developed algorithms in order to maintain the integrity of findings and stay up with the evolving environment.


Putting the machine learning system into operation while taking into account setup and maintenance expenses.