Revolutionize your business with bespoke AI software

We create personalized AI software development, data science, and Big data services customized to your specific company needs. We make you develop your company and experiment with less risk and more remarkable outcomes.

Our Skills

We maintain track of technology advancements as an AI software development company and have built our own exclusive algorithms and solutions to serve our clients.

Machine Learning

By retrieving relevant information from large amounts of data from numerous sources of AI-based software development, our network of machine learning experts assists our clients in driving business progress and expanding their companies.


Business Intelligence

We deliver Big Data analytics technologies and BI & Data Warehouse advisory programs to help you harness the value of your data and build up effective data management for better decision-making.


Predictive Analytics

For tailored insights into AI-based software development, loss prediction, best pricing, fraud prevention, sentiment classification, and client categorization, our experts develop innovative solutions.


Natural Language Processing

To identify customer insights, we examine text information from social media, messages, and recordings. With our custom NLP systems, you can learn more about your users by identifying sentiment, preferences, gender, and other factors.


Data Сapture / OCR

We use data acquisition and extraction to streamline document processing. We assist companies in increasing quality, increasing entire performance, and reducing potential mistakes.


Computer Vision

We provide software solutions for precise feature extraction, image processing, and visual search to help your company succeed. We can assist you with its implementation and modification to meet your specific requirements.

Pros of AI-based software development services

Integration for your business


We have a solid reputation for assisting organizations in many industries in reaching new heights. And we continue to use AI-based software development technologies to improve our proficiency across different fields.

Banking & Finance

Utilize AI to drive smart assistants that aid in better decision-making, as well as financial applications that support budgeting, credit scoring, and fraud detection.


Automotive Manufacturing

For flawless automobile manufacture, use AI technologies. With powerful AI automotive systems, you can run sophisticated models and AI software design options, as well as execute reliable visual examination and equipment problem identification.


Supply Chain & Logistics

Logistic management, invoice and receipt handling, warehouse monitoring, cargo condition monitoring, and route optimization are all made easier.



Administer claims using AI, estimate increased loss cases and detect fraud, assess insurance property costs, and provide better customer-centric services.


Retail & E-commerce

With the assistance of your AI specialist, analyze the behavior of customers. Allow individualized suggestions, offer customer satisfaction advisory services, boost in-store productivity, and reduce customer turnover.


Healthcare & Pharma

Authorize healthcare experts to employ AI-assisted insights to produce improved data-based forecasts and suggestions, allowing sophisticated evidence processing to fulfill life-saving demands.

Our proficiency

  • Principles

    Metric training, fine-tuning, adaptive and effective neural networks, representational learning, controlled, uncontrolled, and reinforced learning.

  • Neural Networks

    Programmable adversarial systems, extensive Bayesian neural networks, Siamese networks, multilayer, and repetitive neural networks.

Deep Learning Frameworks


Deployment Toolkits


Other AI Tools


Reap the benefits of our services

Recruit an AI programmer
Recruit an AI programmer

Choose your AI-based development firm carefully. We're ready to assemble a multifunctional group of extremely trained machine learning specialists to provide technologies that can alter your company.

AI Software Development can be outsourced
AI Software Development can be outsourced

Allow our machine learning specialists to turn your upcoming AI-driven business concept into a customized solution, freeing up time for you to concentrate on the business operations that require your attention.

Our Software Development Strategy With AI

Discover the procedures we take to ensure the quality of your venture.


  • Examine the needs.
  • Make a broad assessment.
  • Assist on technical issues.
  • Data exploration and evaluation.

Configure the project

  • Choose an implementation approach.
  • Form the core group.
  • Create a project strategy.
  • Compile technical documentation.


  • Make use of Agile advancement methods.
  • Updating each iteration's performance.
  • Conduct internal and external monitoring.

Live release

  • Full system testing is completed.
  • Resolve any potential problems.
  • Live release after confirmation.
  • Gather feedback.


  • Sharing of knowledge
  • Continuously observe the server.
  • Assign staff members to the task of fixing issues and making enhancements.

Associating your company with Sitka

Our software artificial intelligence programmers create useful programs and solutions.

Team of Excellence

We're a powerful Artificial Intelligence software development workforce with years of expertise developing AI-based software development products.

Great technical knowledge

For various domains, we have deep technological wisdom in customized software artificial intelligence application development and AI software design.

Provider of trustable solutions

We ensure comprehensive artificial intelligence software development techniques and frequent interaction throughout the operation.

Collaboration on beneficial grounds

We provide adaptable collaboration solutions that are tailored to your project's demands and objectives.

Have a look at our clients’ opinions

SITKA Reviews 5.0

“They consistently identify our difficulty and work with us to determine suitable artificial intelligence software development solutions.”

CEO, naexasCompass Group


“The skill and sincerity of the engineers and project manager stood out the most.”

CEO & Founder, Anti-Counterfeit Platform


“They're incredibly adaptable and responsive to our requirements.”

Head of Business Development, Corporate Start-Up


“We got the idea that our aspirations were all in sync and that we were all working to achieve the same goal.”

CTO, Flo by OWHealth


“Their attitude to advising and organization was excellent. They are motivated to use their data science abilities to address real-time business concerns.”

Project Manager, SMM Firm


“The results made by their team are successful and effective.”

CEO & Co-Founder, AI Mobile App Dev Company


“Without Sitka, we would not have been ready to fulfill the high-quality service to our customers.”

Data Science Team Lead, Job Advertising Company


“They were technically proficient and capable of handling difficult tasks.”

Project Manager, Publishing House


Seeking a trustworthy tailored AI Software Development Company?

Drop us a message to get started on your project right now! We can assist your firm with the creation of bespoke AI systems and apps from the initial concept.

Customer accomplishment

FAQs regarding AI in software development

In software development, AI is utilized to help create code more rapidly and easily, simplify manual activities, and accelerate system testing. When AI is used in software app development, the program will be more reliable, faster, and practically error-free.

Bespoke AI apps can cost anywhere from $15,000 up to the range of $70,000-$100,000. The cost is generally determined by the level of intricacy, usability, and exclusivity.

An AI firm is an AI-based technology provider with extensive experience and a diverse project portfolio in a variety of industries. On a typical initiative, AI, data scientists, software developers, and quality control experts can frequently be found.

The following advantages include:

  • Increased profits.
  • Cost savings.
  • Automation of organizational processes.
  • Greater reliability and responsiveness.
  • Data handling is easier.
  • Customer service that is tailored to the individual.
  • Minimization of possible risks, etc.

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